Harry Styles New Single: Will One Direction’s Rock Star Stun Directioners On April 7? [Opinion]

Harry Styles’ new single and soon-to-follow album are like Christmas in April for fans who are counting the days for the new song’s April 7 release date. How can fans take the suspense of waiting for the new album?

One Direction fans are sending out excited tweets about April 7. Directioners of all languages can hardly wait for Harry Styles new music.

The trailer for Harry Styles’ new single has inspired tweets from around the world in every imaginable language, all talking about the April 7 release of One Direction’s rock star single. The Directioners are ready or at least trying to be.

But are Harry Styles and One Direction’s devoted fans ready? Are Directioners prepared? Is Johnny McDaid right? Will Directioners lose their socks? That is what McDaid told NME.

“I think the world is going to be really shocked at what he comes up with. [It will] Blow the socks off the world.”

Directioners brace themselves as they can only imagine the delights ahead. It’s going to be something different from One Direction. The album will be something old made new again, something unique and, most importantly, it is something from the heart of Harry Styles especially for his beloved Directioners.

One Direction's Harry Styles will rock fans socks off

The trailer for Harry Styles’ new album isn’t giving a clue to the new sound. The trailer’s music is subdued at least compared to the promises from the experts who have heard Harry’s new music. Hits Daily Double, a magazine for music experts and professionals, compares Harry’s music to Queen and David Bowie.

“[Harry Styles] has crafted a set that recalls the regal high-water mark of ’70s British rock, Bowie, and Queen in particular.”

Harry Styles album’s mention in Hits Daily Double is significant. It means the current professionals in the industry are excited about the new album. It’s also been reported heavily that original rock ‘n’ roll royalty such Ringo Star, Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Elton John, Mick Jagger, and so many other icons of the era are in the One Direction rock star’s corner with advice and support. The original rock stars also believe in Styles.

One Direction’s Harry Styles isn’t giving a hint of David Bowie or Queen in the new single trailer, but Directioners have it on good authority that Harry is about to rock. As AC/DC once said, “For those about to Rock We Salute You.” Hats off to Directioners entering the uncharted waters of Harry Styles new, authentic classic rock era. It promises to be amazing.

One Direction’s previous music was certainly nothing like Queen or David Bowie, nor has it been anything like the above AC/DC video. That was just a prep for One Direction fans, otherwise known as Directioners, about to get their feet wet and their socks ripped from their quivering bodies as they listen to Harry Styles’ new sound, which is reportedly a real shocker.

So One Direction’s cute, sweet, and sexy little Harry Styles has turned serious rocker? That is the rumor and the report from all the musicians who have heard it. There’s no bubblegum pop on the album, so Directioners are going to come of age with the new Harry Styles music.

Will Harry Styles’ new single on April 7 be reflective of the album as a whole? Will it be at all reminiscent of One Direction, or will Styles really sound like Queen or Bowie, who really don’t sound that much alike?

One Direction's Harry Styles in black hat, dressed in black.

If Harry Styles’ plan to “Rock the world’s socks off” works, Directioners can be so proud of Harry. Styles will be catapulted to a whole new level of appreciation. Harry Styles of One Direction has something to prove with this album, and that is that Styles totally rocks.


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Harry Styles is busy creating One Direction’s new image, and on April 7, if all goes right, the music world will respect Styles and One Direction on a whole new level.

The One Direction star’s new album will soon follow this single, and there are also strong rumors of a Harry Styles solo tour. Directioners are going to be so excited as they will have so many tours and albums from all five One Direction singers. Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne also have new music coming out in 2017.

One Direction’s Harry Styles new album will be out soon after the April 7 single, and it is going to rock the Directioners’ world.

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