Melania Trump Masters The Art Of Avoidance – Leaving Them Curbside In NYC [Opinion]

Melania Trump is one of the most talked about women in the world right now, but she is far from the most photographed. It seems Melania has managed to do something that many celebs have yet to accomplish – totally elude the paparazzi.

Gone are the droves of camera-yielding individuals outside Trump Tower. Barron Trump’s school no longer has a lineup of people creating a camera-clad scene at the beginning and ending of a school day. The wait for a glimpse of Melania Trump became too long and now the paparazzi has moved on, only to take the chance of getting a snapshot of the first lady at events she’s slated to attend.

According to The Washington Post today, Melania has become “reclusive” and “elusive,” taking shelter in her gilded home atop Trump Tower. At 58 stories-up, Melania is considered somewhat of a “shut-in” and living in a world where Barron is the center of her universe. You have to applaud her dedication to her son, she’s a hands-on mom with no need for a nanny.

Melania is extremely intelligent and she has done something that some of the biggest celebrities have tried and failed. She keeps pictures of herself and Barron out of the tabloids.

Checking out Melania’s Facebook posts back in the day before she became the first lady of this country, a few things come to mind. She seems to take great pictures for one thing, but she seems to have a knack for finding beauty and interest in some of the things people take for granted. Her “Spring in NYC” picture from 2015 show’s a fantastic view of the Big Apple.

The Washington Post recently spoke with Miles Diggs, who is a member of the paparazzi. He said the majority of those who make their living with a camera have stopped staking out Trump Tower and Barron’s school for a shot of Melania. No matter how long they’ve waited in the past, she just doesn’t materialize.

The lies and fake news that Melania has been up against since becoming the first lady of this nation would be enough for anyone to want to avoid a run-in with the cameras and reporters. It doesn’t seem that becoming the first lady has changed Melania’s ways too much. Which is evident on her Facebook page dating back to the time before Trump’s presidential bid.

While Melania has honed in on the tactics for avoiding the cameras, she’s not shirking any of her first lady events. She will serve as a special guest at the International Women of Courage in Washington D.C. later this week, reports AOL News. There she will probably have plenty of pictures taken, but at least this is a place where she will expect photos to be snapped.

Melania seemed to enjoy some solitude in her life, like this picture of an empty beach with a big sand castle and a young lad, most likely Barron Trump, having fun in the sand. Melania doesn’t mention who the adorable toddler is, but he sure does look like Barron at a much younger age.

Another picture taken out the window during a stormy day was captioned @ NYC with a few emoji depicting storm related images, like an umbrella and raindrop. As the Washington Post noted, “Over the years, Melania Trump’s Facebook posts have suggested solitude.”

They go on to say that “Her photos are often devoid of people and shot through glass, either a car window or from her apartment, as if her perspective is from inside a luxurious fishbowl.” Again, it looks as though it is a way of life that suits Melania, and most of all she did this before her husband moved into the White House. This isn’t a life she’s retreated to since becoming the first lady.

Another cool picture also denotes solitude, with a single cup of coffee, sunglasses and a purse. Melania posted this photo to her Facebook page a few years back. She offered a simple caption of “blackandwhite #monday #nyc #style. Looking at this picture it seems to denote returning home after a busy day to one of life’s little luxuries, your favorite cup of coffee. This picture seems to convey that Melania enjoys the little comforts in life, like most people.

There aren’t many selfies of Melania online, but this one seems to show her at home in her bathroom. Her caption below seems to convey she’s ready to leave on vacation.

“Bye! I’m off to my #summer residence.” This was a simple caption that Melania used for a rare posted selfie. Her Facebook page is a treasure trove of images that seem to sum up the very quiet life Melania was used to before she became first lady of the nation.

While many have conjured up fake news stories about what the first lady is doing and not doing with her time, a close friend, one who actually gave her name, offered up some real news about Melania Trump. She is already planning for her move into the White House with Barron in June. According to Karen LeFrak, Melania is busy “redecorating their residence in the White House” where she’ll be moving with Barron when school’s out for the year.

LeFrak also said that her friend is “carving out an important role to support women and children.” You can rest assured that Melania is getting accustomed to her new role just nicely, despite all the fake news lately you may read about Melania being “miserable,” and refusing to “sleep in the same bedroom” as her husband.

Melania is not one to tell you her inner-most thoughts and she is not a woman who will gossip, which is what the people who know her best have said about the first lady. People who have worked for the Trump family have said she is nothing but kind. A man who worked for the Trump family as a butler for years was told by Melania to go home and spend the day with his sick sister. This was long before Trump became president.

The former butler worked for the Trump family at Mar-A-Lago. His name is Anthony Senecal and he said that one time when Donald Trump was gone, Melania insisted he go spend the day with his sister who was very sick. She said to Tony that she was perfectly capable of getting anything she needed and if not there were plenty of people there to help her. She insisted he go to his sibling who was ill.

Melania is not someone that needs to be waited on or needs to be in the spotlight. She doesn’t look for attention, if anything, she stays away from it. According to the Chicago Tribune, Melania Trump’s favorable ratings are on the rise, even though her husband’s have declined a bit. Melania’s ratings have increased 16 percent since she has become the first lady of the nation.

According to the latest polls, 52 percent of Americans like Melania Trump. According to the Chicago Tribune, this “far exceeds the favorable ratings of first ladies such as Michelle Obama and Laura Bush in their first years.” The stats indicate that more than half of the people in America support Melania, but as time goes on, those numbers are sure to grow.

[Featured Image by Evan Agostini/AP Images]