Donald Trump’s Legislative Agenda: Why His Health Care Bill Was A Monumental Disaster [Opinion]

Donald Trump’s health care bill, the American Health Care Act (AHCA), did not pass because, like every other bill that does not pass, it was wrong for America. Congress saw that, but Donald Trump’s draconian leadership style did not. The Globe and Mail called it a “monumental failure” for Donald Trump and recommends he undergoes some “teachable moments” to understand what really happened.

The Globe and Mail sums up what happened with the American Health Care Act. It had nothing to do with the Republican party but had everything to do with Trump.

“This feckless, factless president looks more and more like a dilettante. Inept, impulsive, and boundlessly boastful, he is hobbled by congressional inquiries, court injunctions and plunging popularity.”

Donald Trump is also not accurate about his failings.

Reuters reports that upon the loss, Trump said, “We were just probably anywhere from 10 to 15 votes short. With no Democrat support we couldn’t quite get there.”

But Trump did not have full Republican support either. Although he thought he could sail through his presidency with a Republican-controlled Congress, his Congress did not pass his first major piece of legislation. Also, according to the whip count by CBS News, Donald Trump was 38 Republicans short of passing Trump Care, not the 10 to 15 quoted by Trump.

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Reuters reports on how Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer summed up why Trump Care was Trump Fail.

“Because of two traits that have plagued the Trump presidency since he took office: Incompetence and broken promises.”

The failing of the health care bill does not bode well for Donald Trump’s legislative agenda in the future, as the fundamental reason his laws are not passing is directly tied to his temperament and lack of qualifications. The Guardian reported on their take, saying Trump tried to burn down Obamacare but instead set his own hair on fire.

Donald Trump does not play well with others and also does not appear to know what is required to govern. Donald Trump also created a health care bill that was bad for America, as noted by the opposition of all Democrats and 38 Republicans.

These are the fundamental and collective reasons his health care bill did not pass and why his future legislative attempts are likely to fall under the same destiny.

In other words, he needs to learn more about what makes bills pass and to change completely as a human being so that he can accomplish this. This health care disaster exposed Trump’s lack of experience and qualifications for this job, which are now glaring like the neon lights of his name branded on towers all over the world.

Donald Trump came into the presidency with a very ambitious agenda for his first 100 days. We are at day 67, and none of the things he wanted will happen — at least not in 100 days — because it takes time and effort for a bill to become a law. In America, you can’t just order it into place.

During his 2016 presidential campaign, Trump’s temperament the reason cited by both Democrats and Republicans regarding why he should not be president. However, being a “bad person” is not reason enough to keep someone out of office.

But if someone has a temperament that makes them impossible to work with, one can not effectively be the president of the United States. This is why temperament was cited as reason number one by both Republicans and Democrats opposing his presidency.

The president of the United States works for the people. In order to do that, he needs to work with the people. That’s what “We the people,” the first words in the Constitution, actually means. When it comes to making laws, that means working with people who aren’t in your base and aren’t in your party.

Donald Trump showed the world last week that he cannot do this, and worse, that he does not even want to. His own party had serious problems with his health care bill. Donald Trump threatened Congress with losing their jobs if they did not vote his way, reported CBS News.

When all was said and done, Trump has also revealed that there are factions within his own party. This does not bode well for the future of Trump’s legislative agenda. In the failing of his health care bill, he has blamed everybody but himself.

He called the Democrats losers. He tweeted this weekend that America should watch Judge Jeanine Pirro on Fox News. Judge Jeanine then led her show with the topic “Paul Ryan Must Go Now,” reports Fox News.

More factions within the Republican party revealed themselves this weekend when Texas Republican Congress member Ted Poe resigned from the Freedom Caucus, citing irreconcilable differences with the Caucus over health care, reports the Texas Tribune. Opposition to Donald Trump’s health care bill by the Freedom Caucus was a leading factor in the downfall of his health care plan.

Additionally, President Obama took 13 months start to finish, traveling the country and getting opinions of experts, while developing Obamacare and making sure he had the backing and the relationships for it.

Trump tried to get his done in 65 days and tried to have his health care plan passed on his orders alone.

In addition to his temperament, Donald Trump illustrated last week that he does not know what is actually involved in governing. The United States is not run like Trump Organization. Things don’t happen in America just because the guy in the biggest office says “make it happen.”

Things happen in America when people work together to find the best possible solutions, for all people. Trump does not understand this.

The concept of working together didn’t happen with health care under Trump. Unless Donald Trump wakes up to this or changes completely as a human, he’s going to be facing the same legislative hurdles down the road.

Sure, President Obama had problems with Congress. Every president has. President Obama also had Obamacare.

It took President Obama 13 months of traveling the country, holding panels with experts, conducting town halls, talking to the American people, and building the relationships in Congress to pass Obamacare.

Trump Care Fail
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Trump’s means of trying to pass Trump Care entailed, “Vote my way or you are fired.”

Donald Trump’s tyrannical style is not a good fit for a country with an executive branch, a judicial branch, and a legislative branch. His history already in 67 days is not a successful one. This isn’t the first legislative problem he’s had either, and it probably won’t be his last unless he changes.

His controversial travel ban has been overruled by multiple federal judges and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The revision of his travel ban after that fail has been overruled by judges as well. Many members of Congress and the Senate have said they will not pay for his Mexico wall.

Additionally, many of the measures he published on his “Contract With the American Voter,” which were measures he wanted to accomplished within his first 100 days, were unfamiliar to many Americans. With 33 days left in his first 100 days, the future of these measures and Trump’s promises is uncertain and bleak.

Next up in Donald Trump’s agenda is tax reform. Here is a topic that is almost as sensitive to Americans as health care. While many Republicans are on the same page as Donald Trump to give all of the tax breaks to the wealthy at the expense of the middle class, Donald Trump still has many hurdles ahead if he wants his tax reform agenda to pass.

He also needs to govern and accomplish all of these things while the cloud of a federal criminal investigation hovers over the White House. Most pundits are saying it will be impossible for him to get anything done during that time.

But on the off chance that he can develop laws while being investigated for breaking them, he still needs to get out of the CEO mentality. The founders of the country and framers of the Constitution in all of their brilliance established a land that would prevent any leader from trying to play the “winner takes all” game. Donald Trump needs a little review here.

Can he change before attempting tax reform?

Right now, many Americans — Republicans included — aren’t too thrilled that he is spending millions of their tax dollars every weekend on golf trips and every day in New York City on Melania Trump. Donald Trump is climbing an uphill battle on tax reform before it has even begun, and it is unclear if he has any cognizance of that at all.

If he is unable to take responsibility as a leader and is always looking for someone else to blame, he won’t get anything done while he’s in the White House. Self-reflection and personal insight would be very helpful for Donald Trump right now. He may also want to review seventh grade civics on “How a Bill Becomes a Law.”

The “my way or the highway” approach does not work for leaders in America because that is not what this country is about. Trump’s temperament has failed him for his travel ban twice, and now the American Health Care Act has hit the shelf where all bad bills go to die.

Trumpcare failed because it was a bad bill that was wrong for America. Congress saw to that. Instead of trying to sort that out, and resolve the people’s problems, Trump has been blaming people for not voting for his health care bill.

The failure of Trump’s health care bill and his actions afterward are a dark foreshadowing of his presidential legacy. But worse, these failures foretell more dark days ahead for America until someone who knows what they are doing can resolve these fundamental problems in the executive branch.

Whether that will be Trump remains to be seen. But after his health care disaster, his legislative agenda is climbing a slippery slope.

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