Obamacare Goes On, President Donald Trump Promised 68 Times For Its Repeal [Opinion]

President Donald Trump promised 68 times for the repeal of his hated program, Obamacare. In between compilations from his Twitter accounts and public speeches, Trump’s favorite phrase “Repeal and Replace Obamacare” stands out. After the acute embarrassment he suffered on Friday for the defeat to repeal Obamacare, we wonder if he’s still going to say his signature tagline. That’ll be the 69th, right? President Donald Trump’s promise to repeal Obamacare faces failure during congress meeting.

68 instances President Donald Trump promised to repeal Obamacare

President Donald Trump promised 68 times to repeal Obamacare but was unable to do so

Democrats, rejoice! House speaker Paul Ryan had to pull the replacement bill, American Health Care Act of 2017, on Friday afternoon after hours of debate when it became clear that he lacked the votes to pass the bill. This comes a day after Mr. Trump’s threat that he wouldn’t be involved in any health care reform if he didn’t get a single vote.

Hence, Obamacare goes on! This is a huge embarrassment for Donald Trump’s young presidency as repealing Obamacare was the main purpose why he ran for the highest government position. Before the elections, he would insert his tagline anywhere in his speeches: Repeal and Replace Obamacare. For 68 times.

However, Trump may have to let go of his top priority right now and make himself comfortable with Obamacare for awhile as the congress opted to close the topic and tackle other urgent issues such as tax reform. This odd ultimatum was quite shocking, considering that the congressional majority is made up of Republicans. Political analysts believed that the defeat of the repeal bill was due to the gaping schism between the Freedom Caucus conservatives and the moderates. The former believed that AHCA keeps too much of Obamacare intact, while the latter raises concern whether they have to pay the electoral price if in case there will be millions of citizens who are going to lose their health insurance.

68 instances President Donald Trump promised to repeal Obamacare

Asked if Trump will stick to the Obamacare program, Press Secretary Sean Spicer insisted, “No! He’s not! Which is why he’s literally put as much effort as he has into repealing this. But he’s made it clear that this is our moment, this is our opportunity to do it. But it is now up to members to make that decision, whether or not they want to be part of this effort to repeal Obamacare.”

The lopsided defeat can also be traced to the way how Trump delivered his campaign promises by telling Americans that he’s replacing it with something better and less expensive, yet he did not disclose the details of his replacement bill to the public. A clever trick to excite the naïve supporters with the idea of change, but we don’t know when exactly it is going to happen.

President Donald Trump promised 68 times for the Obamacare repeal ever since the campaign period. Here’s a few:

September 16, 2015: “We get rid of Obamacare and we have a great life all together [sic].” [GOP debate, Los Angeles, CA]

October 10, 2015: “We are going to repeal and replace Obamacare which is a disaster.” [Norcross, GA]

November 3, 2015: “I would work immediately on Obamacare repeal and replace, and we would do something terrific there.” [FOX]

Recently, the president was in a hot seat after speculations that he has been spending more time at his Mar-a-Lago resort rather than doing his job in the White House.

According to reports, Trump had already spent five-weekend trips during his two-month term to the palatial property to play golf. Every excursion costs taxpayers $3 million per trip.

Donald Trump’s comment on his repeal defeat

After his efforts to eradicate Obamacare and failing miserably, the president made light of the situation and said that the Republicans were “very close” to repealing the Affordable Care Act. He added that they were 10-15 votes short, and instead of blaming his fellow Republicans for the defeat, Trump complained about the Democrats who didn’t support the bill, saying that the zero votes he received from the other party list made it a “difficult situation.”

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