Lincoln In Trump Hat Flusters Chelsea Clinton: Tweet Asks If It’s Photoshopped [Opinion]

The image of Abraham Lincoln in a Trump hat seemed to confuse Chelsea Clinton, the only child of former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Chelsea wasn’t raised in those woods Hillary retreated to after her epic fail, but her recent tweet suggests that she was. It didn’t take long for social media users to pick up on what Chelsea lacked in U.S. history knowledge when she posted a picture of Abraham Lincoln in a “Make America Great Again Hat” and asked what many have suggested is a rather “stupid” question.

Today Chelsea claims it was a joke, but that excuse didn’t bubble up until she was lambasted across the social media sites. News Busters reports that when Chelsea Clinton got a look at the Republican Party dinner program with Lincoln on the cover, she took to Twitter to clarify what she had just seen. That would be the image of Lincoln in Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hat.

Her tweet read, “Please tell me this is Photo-shopped. Please?”

The tweet is seen below. Considering Lincoln has been dead for a very long time and that image was done on a coin, people were happy to answer.

As you might surmise, folks across the social media sites were extremely happy to oblige and verify for Chelsea that this image was indeed not Photoshopped, but the real thing. Many were enthusiastic to tell her that she could rest assure that Lincoln was actually wearing a Donald Trump hat.

Comments that pointed out Lincoln did wear that hat were plentiful, with some actually getting very creative with their responses, like this one.

“No, this is the exact hat Lincoln was wearing when he signed the Emancipation Proclamation. People forget that.”

{Image by AP Photo/File/ AP Images]

Others took Chelsea’s tweet and used it against her mother, with one Twitter users suggesting that Lincoln’s hat was so real that it was “as real as those Bosnian snipers.”

It looks as though Chelsea is still feeling her way around social media in an attempt to appear more normal and as someone people can relate to as folks have just about had it with the Clinton dynasty, suggests Heat Street. Chelsea’s joke was seen as “stupid.” You have to admit it was far from anything resembling witty.

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The Boston Globe suggests that you shouldn’t cry for Chelsea Clinton, which was their reply to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times that claims “Chelsea, like her mother, never gets a break.” Chelsea has just landed a cushy position on the board at Expedia, which is a company known nationwide for travel. It is also a company that just happens to be owned by Barry Diller, who is a billionaire with connections to the Clinton family.

With $250,000 a year in stock options and $45,000 in cash, when you add this to another board position she holds at IAC Interactive, which pays her $299,936 a year, you can see how she never gets a break. These aren’t nine-to-five jobs; they’re more like figurehead positions. Chelsea can feasibly sit at home and tweet all the jokes in the world until she gets one right and collect that kind of money.

Then, of course, there is the Lifetime Impact award she’ll be picking up next month from Variety, which was reported by the Washington Times last week. At 37, she’s has she really made a “lifetime impact”? Has she made any “impact” at all, besides giving social media fuel for mocking her over jokes that don’t land right?

Chelsea is a Clinton through and through. She doesn’t seem to have the social graces and charisma needed for politics, much like her mother. Her father, on the other hand, has enough for the entire family. Bill Clinton charmed the country a few decades back as the president and is still mesmerizing the masses today.

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