President Donald Trump Vs. The Kardashians, Who Will Win? [Opinion]

President Donald Trump and the Kardashians are at odds over ratings and popularity. In a Trump era, the Kardashians are struggling to keep up with their name. The president and the rising Kardashian-Jenner clan both have expertise when it comes to reality TV. Therefore, they are used to the drama, feuds, and fame that come with it. No wonder Trump is promoting so much noise as a newbie president. Well, what can we expect from a business mogul who hosted his own reality show before being elected?

competition between President Donald Trump and The Kardashians
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Meanwhile, the Kardashians saw a decline in viewership ratings on their longest-running famed reality series, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Could this be because of Donald Trump’s endless banter and drama in his Twitter account? Maybe, because people want a new kind of distraction that doesn’t involve a bunch of cleavage-baring women and their big derriere. There’s no denying that a subtle competition exists between these two powerhouses. President Donald Trump vs. the Kardashians, who will win?

And it all started with a reality show

This year is especially poignant for the Kardashians as they will be celebrating their 10 years on television. That’s an achievement by a long shot as most reality shows grant limited fame to their stars depending on its duration. That’s an unspoken curse on reality television, but it seems like the Kardashians are immune from that.

The family empire started its roots in October 2007. At that time, former President George W. Bush was head of the state, the financial crisis was imminent, the war between America and Iraq was going on, and Trump was hosting his own reality show on NBC. At that time of distress, the citizens were looking for some sort of relief—a diversion from the difficulties of the real world. Their pleas were heard and voila! Keeping Up With the Kardashians was born into the world.

The Calabasas-native family offered the welcome distraction as viewers entertained themselves with the growing clan’s over-the-top antics and obnoxious personalities. It was a success and people are buying it! If reality television is a monarchy, then they are considered as the royal family of reality TV. The Kardashian-Jenner clan kept us up-to-date with 13 seasons’ worth of unnecessary drama, extravagant bonding moments, surprised weddings and pregnancies, and trips to their cosmetic surgeons. People have a tendency to be curious about the lives of the rich and famous, and the entire fam was the perfect example.

However, all things must come to an end as viewers must have realized that they have enough of the Kardashians’ extravagant lifestyle. The 13th season premiere of KUWTK hit its lowest ratings ever since 2008, and the whole family’s panicking over it. Meanwhile, Trump’s presidency is headlining news from every tabloid and newspaper available. Someone’s hogging the spotlight! In a President Donald Trump vs. the Kardashians competition, who will win?

Time to change strategy for the Kardashians

Going political could be a good game changer for the Kardashians. With Donald Trump’s presidency, people are looking here and there for credible opinions from experts and critics, alike. If the Kardashians want to thrive in this Trump era, they could amp up their fame by going political. But, what do you expect from a bunch of women who only know how to flaunt their voluptuous assets? It’s definitely not going to be a sensible opinion.

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Chelsea Handler told Variety in January that the famous family is to be blamed for Trump’s win.

“They were treating him as an entertainer first. It was a reality show. We’ve turned into a reality show…”

Nonetheless, the Kardashians are struggling over President Donald Trump’s rating-obsessed ego as he gradually turns the White House into a game show of his own. Using his personal Twitter account, the president is seen picking fights with Meryl Streep, Snoop Dogg, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. He even appeared to be holding some sort of contest as he chose his appointed cabinet members while referring to them as “finalists.”

There’s definitely no shortage of drama bubbling in the White House. And the Kardashians are certainly struggling up.

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