Trump Tweets ‘Watch Judge Jeanine’ – Jaws Drop As She Claims Ryan Has To Go [Opinion]

A Twitter mystery involving President Trump emerged Saturday night and it was soon on fire across the social media sites as folks weren’t quite sure what to make of this. Donald Trump tweeted to his millions of followers that they should watch the Fox News show, Justice With Judge Jeanine, at 9 p.m. on Saturday period. Trump didn’t elaborate on why he thought it was important for his Twitter followers to tune into Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show, but when they obliged, many were totally baffled.

Despite Speaker Paul Ryan not getting enough Republican votes in the House to repeal Obamacare after it being a top Republican priority for the last seven years, Trump has conveyed that he intends to stand by Ryan. This wasn’t something that all Trump’s supporters were behind as many blame Ryan for the bill not getting enough support.

Many are calling for Trump to fire the Speaker of the House today. Others realized this is politics and not private business so they called for Ryan to step down. Either way, there was a lot of blame assigned to Ryan across social media and many want him gone.

Since Trump did say he is still backing Ryan, his supporters thought this was his stand and that he wasn’t budging. But, then came the tweet, which spawned a mystery for the masses once they followed his lead to the Fox News show. The tweet is seen above.

Trump’s tweet directed his supporters to Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show, but they were in for a surprise. Her headline statement was “Paul Ryan needs to step down as speaker of the House.” It was at this point that jaws dropped in living rooms all across the nation. Pirro was adamant that it wasn’t Trump’s fault there wasn’t enough backing for this bill, reports Fox News. She believes that Paul Ryan must go after having years to work on this and get the Republican’s support in the House. She never sugar coated her thoughts on this.

Had Trump changed his mind about Paul Ryan? Was this tweet leading to his supporters watching Pirro share some harsh thoughts a message for Ryan to heed? Judge Jeanine Pirro had other issues that she discussed on her show, which may have been what Trump was referring to when he asked his Twitter followers to tune in.

The other issues weren’t what the viewers honed in on after her headliner of adamantly stating how Ryan needs to step down. It was her thoughts on Ryan needing to go that people were hanging onto, especially after Trump directed his Twitter followers her way.

It wasn’t until Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace that Trump’s explanation was delivered via Reince Priebus, who was being interviewed by Wallace. According to the Huffington Post, Wallace asked Priebus about the tweet that Trump sent out directing people to watch Pirro’s show. Priebus stated that this was nothing but a coincidence. Trump didn’t know what the topic of the show was Saturday night; he was just directing folks to a venue he enjoys.

Wallace pressured Priebus into elaborating on this and he said that Pirro is Donald Trump’s friend and he just wanted to help promote her show. Wallace asked him straight out if Trump wants Ryan to step down after his failure to gather enough votes for the Obamacare repeal. Priebus stated, “No, he doesn’t.”

Calls For Paul Ryan To Step Down But Not From Trump

According to NBC News today, Trump’s aides are saying that the tweet urging folks to watch Judge Jeanine was not meant as criticism toward Paul Ryan. Pirro herself said that she did not coordinate her comments with the president and she didn’t have any contact with him. The White House aides said on Sunday morning to NBC News that “Speaker Ryan and the president are in a great place.”

Donald Trump Not Blaming Paul Ryan

As you probably have heard by now, Trump pulling the Obamacare repeal bill out of the House was celebrated by the Democrats and tweeted as a “victory” by Hillary Clinton. Hillary has a tendency to tweet about Trump’s unfortunate setbacks, but she rarely mentions his name, which she didn’t when tweeting about the Obamacare repeal bill being pulled from the House.

USA Today reported back in February how Hillary took to Twitter to “gloat” over Trump’s failure to get the stop on his immigrant ban overturned. The three judges in appeals court wouldn’t overturn another judge’s decision that stopped Trump’s temporary ban of not allowing immigrants from certain countries.

Those judges turned down Trump’s request voting 3-0. Hillary just tweeted “3-0” and never mentioned Trump’s name. Most people realized immediately that she was jabbing Trump with her tweet, but again she kept herself at a safe distance from too much backlash by not mentioning his name.

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