Underage Malia Obama Spotted At Over 21 Club, Berates White House Correspondent [Opinion]

On Saturday night, the daughter of President Barack Obama had plans to hang out with friends and party in New York City, but things didn’t quite go as she had probably planned. 18-year-old Malia Obama went out and ended up in an over 21 club where she was recognized by numerous people and that included a White House correspondent from Gateway Pundit who she ended up confronting and yelling at in front of everyone.

Barack Obama’s oldest daughter was in the exclusive Soho nightclub known as The Parlor when she was spotted by a conservative performance artist named Martina Markota, per the Conservative Firing Line. It just so happened that they were in the club at the same time for the very exclusive Parlor which is for 21-years and up.

While at The Parlor, Malia Obama was hanging out with a number of party guests in attendance, and she seemed to be having a great time. Well, that was until she spotted a man named Lucian Wintrich who is a White House correspondent for the Gateway Pundit, and things took a turn.

malia obama underage over 21 club lucian wintrich white house correspondent

TheGateway Pundit actually reported the entire situation and put things into place as Wintrich was actually tweeting out events as they happened.

As the report from Gateway Pundit states, numerous witnesses watched Malia Obama not only confront Wintrich, but she started yelling at him. Wintrich is of the belief that the oldest Obama daughter was intoxicated at the time and that she was “stirring up controversy.”

After spotting Malia in the club, and before she actually approached Wintrich, he tried to take a picture of her. Upon coming up to him and yelling at him, he said that Malia Obama said, “If you wanna have a conversation, let’s sit down…let’s have a real conversation.”

He responded in the affirmative and said, “Absolutely,” in response, but that only made her angrier than she was before. Malia reportedly then said she thinks Wintrich is “disgusting” before her own personal security walked up and took her away from the situation.

Wintrich tried to get another picture of her in the club, but he didn’t catch much of Malia in the shot. He was advised to remove the picture or risk being banned from The Parlor by management, but he chose not to delete it.

Martina Markota was asked on Twitter about Malia Obama getting into the over 21 club and wondered how she could have possibly entered into The Parlor. She responded by saying that “they weren’t checking ID’s” at the door, and people were being told to go right in.

Of course, this has started a massive wave on Twitter about the Obama children being “privileged” and the backlash that would likely come about if one of Donald Trump’s children did the same thing.

Malia Obama may no longer be in the White House with the 44th President and the rest of her family, but she is always going to be in the spotlight. That isn’t any fault of her own, but it is simply the way life is going to be for her. Being 18-years-old and in a 21+ nightclub in New York City is one thing, but being allegedly intoxicated and berating a White House correspondent is another, and that is going to bring about all of the wrong kind of attention.

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