Dallas Cowboys Are Super Bowl Frontrunners With Focused Ezekiel Elliott [Opinion]

The Dallas Cowboys could enter the 2017 NFL season as one of the front-runners to win the Lombardi trophy. The Cowboys can do it with a focused Ezekiel Elliott. The importance on the status of the second-year running back is so high that his lack of availability could cripple what the Dallas Cowboys want to do — get to the Super Bowl.

The biggest stumbling block to a prosperous season for Dallas Cowboys might not be their unexplainable reluctance to let go of quarterback Tony Romo. It could be Ezekiel Elliott. The latter will have more of an impact on the football field, along with the results on the scoreboard than the former. But holding on to Romo will also create a ripple.

The Cowboys’ current decision to keep Tony Romo can potentially divide the locker room. Some Cowboys’ players will be siding with Romo, while others have already gravitated towards second-year quarterback and starter Dak Prescott. All of which will likely take a backseat to the troubles of Ezekiel Elliott.

If you have not been paying much attention to football, the Dallas Cowboys, or Ezekiel Elliott these days you are missing out on an intriguing story.

Ezekiel Elliott is a terrific player. He is a great running back with excellent vision and pass-catching ability. Unfortunately, the Cowboys’ rusher has a penchant for being a big partygoer.

The problem for the Dallas Cowboys is not the fact that Ezekiel Elliott goes to parties, loves the limelight, or anything fun. Many professional athletes enjoy extra-curricular activities. There are lures that are difficult to ignore when it comes to athletes. Most of the times those actions are not caught on video.

Elliott has had a couple of bumps in the road in his early career with the Dallas Cowboys. What reminded everyone of that was the highly publicized St. Patrick’s Day party Ezekiel Elliott was on hand for a few weeks ago.

According to TMZ Sports, the Cowboys’ star running back was hanging out with other partygoers, when he attempted to expose the breast of a woman who was also enjoying the festivities. It was an action that did not take place once, but twice. And the woman was none too please about it.

If she were to press charges on Ezekiel Elliott, things could drag on for a lengthy period of time. The Cowboys could spend their entire training camp wondering about the availability of a player who is already regarded as one of the best in his position.

Nothing has come out regarding criminal charges being filed, but it brought back to life a few old wounds. The biggest wound being the domestic violence charges (courtesy of TMZ Sports) that were filed against him by his ex-girlfriend last July.

Those charges are still being investigated by the NFL front offices, which reportedly have Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones miffed. According to Sports Day Dallas News, Jones and the Cowboys have learned nothing new from the pending investigation.

“There is just nothing. I know I would have heard about it. I would have the information if there were something. I know that.”

The fact that Jones does not have more information on Elliott’s status could be a terrible thing for the Cowboys. With the investigation still going on, the last thing the Cowboys needed was for Elliott to wind up on TMZ for another possible transgression.

What took place during the St. Patrick’s Day party could show as a pattern of behavior in the eyes of some. Others will look at it as a young man going overboard with having fun. The problem is that Ezekiel Elliott is an employee of the Dallas Cowboys, perhaps the world’s most prominent sports franchise.

Anything that Elliott does is guaranteed to catch the attention of everyone. His latest action could force the NFL to suspend him. That is the last thing the Dallas Cowboys need.

[Featured Image by Joe Robbins/Getty Images]