‘Art of the Deal’ Failure: Is Healthcare Loss End For Donald Trump Presidency? [Opinion]

The 1987 book Art of the Deal depicted Donald Trump as a brilliant businessman and successful dealmaker. But with the crushing defeat of the Trumpcare healthcare plan, Lawrence O’Donnell at MSNBC is suggesting that Donald Trump’s presidency – not even 100 days old – is essentially already over. After all, virtually everything Trump’s tried to do since being sworn in has failed.

Art of the Deal was touted by Donald Trump in the 2016 election as one of his proudest achievements – even though Trump didn’t actually write the book and his co-author/ghost writer Tony Schwartz regrets being involved in the project. Still, Art of the Deal managed to turn virtually unknown real estate developer Donald Trump into a household name by staying on the bestsellers list for almost a year.

'Art of the Deal' Trump plays in truck while his Trumpcare bill crashes and burns.

As noted by NPR, in light of Donald Trump’s loss in the healthcare battle on Capitol Hill, it’s clear that Trump’s own words – or words that are supposedly Trump’s – in the Art of the Deal may come back to haunt him and the Republican Party in the next congressional election:

“You can’t con people, at least not for long. You can create excitement, you can do wonderful promotion and get all kinds of press, and you can throw in a little hyperbole. But if you don’t deliver the goods, people will eventually catch on…”

During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump had promised the voters that he would not only repeal and replace Obamacare, he would put in place something far better that would provide universal coverage. But following massive protests across the country – and angry emails sent by millions of voters to their representatives in the federal and state governments – the effort to repeal Obamacare quickly lost steam.

But the devastating healthcare defeat suffered by Donald “Art of the Deal” Trump and congressional Republicans on Friday is only the latest in a series of debacles for the Trump presidency since his inauguration. In only three months, Donald Trump has come to epitomize failure as a president.

Paul Ryan accepts defeat on healthcare bill. Perhaps he should have consulted 'Art of the Deal.'

One of Trump’s earliest defeats came at the hands of federal courts. When Donald Trump instituted his badly planned and poorly worded ban on travel from a number of predominantly Muslim countries in the Middle East, he and his alt-right advisors could hardly have anticipated the blowback they would receive for instituting what many people perceived as a Muslim travel ban.

Not only were there protests across the country, federal courts quickly stepped in and declared his first Muslim ban unconstitutional. Not one to accept a singular defeat, Trump insisted on doubling down with a second Muslim ban – with similar results. Apparently, laws penciled out on napkins by Stephen Bannon in the middle of the night don’t necessarily pass legal muster.

Then there’s Russia. Even before the inauguration, there were rumors and indications that many in the Trump administration might have felt that the Art of the Deal extended to Russia as well, even if Trump wasn’t actually in the White House yet.

From Paul Manafort’s Ukrainian/Russian connections to Secretary of State Tillerson receiving a medal from Vladimir Putin, the incoming Trump administration seemed awful chummy with Moscow. These close connections to Russia led to one of Trump’s biggest and earliest failures. This was the resignation of Michael Flynn as Trump’s national security advisor after it was revealed he may have negotiated with the Russians prior to Trump taking office regarding Russian sanctions.

It’s ironic that Donald Trump’s greatest insult – and one that he hands out constantly in his endless, early morning tweets – is the epithet “loser.” But the Art of the Deal“author” has managed to fail miserably in virtually every way when carrying out the duties of the presidency. Even worse from a Republican perspective, he’s failed in trying to implement Republican policies as well.

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