Is Hillary Grooming Chelsea Clinton for White House In 2020 – Chelsea Vs Trump? [Opinion]

Hillary Clinton does still appear to be the head of the Democratic Party, or possibly a self-appointed one, as no one has stepped out as a front-runner since her ill-fated presidential run. A bit of authority is seen in her tweets, with her latest one claiming “victory” after Donald Trump pulled the healthcare bill out of the House. She sounds as if she is the general who just won a battle.

It could be that Hillary Clinton is having a tough time letting go of the reins, which might explain why it appears today that Chelsea is being groomed for a political run. While whispers of the different political positions that are possibly in Chelsea’s scope are heard online, Fox and Friends Weekend live asks if Chelsea is eyeing the 2020 presidential election.

Is Hillary Possibly Grooming Chelsea For White House Run
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, accompanied by her daughter Chelsea Clinton, winks at a member of the audience during a town hall at the Haverford Community Recreation and Environmental Center in Haverford, Pa., Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2016. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

If that is the case, are her parents, with the emphasis on Hillary, molding her to be the next generation of a Clinton in the White House? While some online are taking this seriously, others are basking in a field day of jabs with just the thought of Chelsea possibly running for president.

The Clinton family is very much like a dynasty. With Hillary’s chances at a 2020 run looking dead in the water, are they bringing Chelsea up as their next Clinton offering? There is some evidence that this may be the case, but would this be a move the Democratic Party would even entertain?

Believe it or not there is already a Facebook page for Chelsea Clinton for President. Is this a way to demonstrate just how serious people are about this? If so, what does it mean with the site having only one lone member? Still, there are tweets and Facebook posts regarding the possibility of Chelsea making a bid for the White House, as seen below.

There has been plenty of buzz around Chelsea considering a 2020 Senate run for some time now, as seen in an article from Raw Story back in February. This would be more of a traditional step on the political ladder on the way to a White House run, but you are talking about the Clinton family and traditional politics doesn’t seem to be their MO.

Just maybe Hillary, Bill and Chelsea are going with the strategy of leap-frogging over that Senate seat and right to the White House? Chelsea would satisfy many of the positive aspects that supporters saw in Hillary for in the 2016 race. If Hillary won, she’d be the first woman president. If Chelsea runs and wins, she will be the first woman president. Chelsea is a Clinton and those who love Hillary would most likely vote for her daughter. While Hillary supporters would most likely be pleased with Chelsea in the White House, what would the Democratic Party think about this?

According to Newsweek, a recent Harvard-Harris survey polled voters on who they would like to see the Democrats offer up as their next party candidate. Out of all the notable Democrat names, not a one got more than 11 percent of the vote, which is what Bernie Sanders got. Hillary Clinton came in low on the list, with even Elizabeth Warren beating her in numbers. Warren sat with nine percent and Hillary got eight percent of the votes from those polled.

This poll seems to indicate that Hillary Clinton is not the person to give the Democrats a good chance at taking back the White House in 2020. While most would agree Hillary’s chances have come and gone, Breitbart News is reporting that Hillary’s campaign manager isn’t willing to pull Hillary’s name out of the possible presidential candidates for 2020 just yet.

Robby Mook, who handled Hillary’s presidential campaign, was asked by Greta Van Susteren this week if he would offer up the chances of Hillary running again in 2020. While some out there may have expected Mook to say she’s thrown in the towel, he didn’t. Instead he deferred the question to Hillary herself, saying that she would need to answer that.

Then he seemed to offer up a strategy that would pave the way for another Hillary run by saying “I think what happens right now, we’ve got to get to the bottom of what happened in 2016, then we can start worrying about the next cycle.” According to Breitbart, during a recent interview with Dan Rather, Mook refused to rule out Hillary running for the White House in 2020.

Could this be part of the strategy of keeping the ball in the Clinton family court? With eyes still on Hillary waiting to see her next move, this would give Hillary a platform for slowly planting the seed on the next generation Clinton coming up in the ranks for a presidential run.

Many don’t take this idea of a Chelsea Clinton presidential campaign too serious at all. Chelsea hasn’t done anything to warrant a run for any office, never mind the presidential seat. People were even surprised to see the announcement that Chelsea will receive the Lifetime Impact award from Variety magazine and Lifetime next month, suggests the Daily Caller. They were quick to jump online and question what she had done to get this award.

As the Daily Caller suggests when it comes to this Lifetime Impact award, “it is unclear why” Chelsea would get this honor. She is only in her mid-thirties, which hardly constitutes a lifetime. The Facebook post below mirrors the confusion online as to why Chelsea will be awarded this.

With that said, the Democrats might want to heed the Harvard-Harris poll and get “some one new,” which got 45 percent of the votes from those polled on who they would like as the next Democrat candidate for a presidential run. While Chelsea might fall under that category, she’s a Clinton and that is not a name that is new.

The New York Times reported on how Chelsea’s tweets have grown in number since Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election. Chelsea Clinton’s Twitter page was once used more like a cheer leading tool for Hillary Clinton’s campaign run, that is up until November.

Once it became clear that Donald Trump was indeed the next president of the U.S., Chelsea’s tweets escalated in number, averaging about 10 a day in February with her over 300 tweets. Back in November she had 142 tweets posted for the entire month. While she is no longer urging the American public to vote for her mother, she is pulling apart Donald Trump’s administration, policies and actions.

The New York Times describes Chelsea’s direction in her tweets as “she has greeted the Trump era with a more sarcastic and feisty online personality.” They go on to say that “Ms. Clinton has accused a Trump adviser of spreading misinformation, admonished a Republican congressman for racist comments and pushed the president to speak out in the face of an increase in religiously motivated attacks.” The New York Times also suggests the following.

“All of this has raised questions — and prompted criticism — about Ms. Clinton’s political ambitions. If it’s coming from a Clinton, both supporters and critics have wondered, can a tweet ever be just a tweet?”

Chelsea has changed her Twitter account from being that cheer-leading campaign for her mom, to a Trump bashing campaign. Is Chelsea, with much prompting from her political parents, setting the foundation for a bigger fight four years down the line to become the third Clinton to make a bid for the White House?

Those close to the Clinton family, and even a roommate of Chelsea’s from college, Jen Lee Koss, believe the media is way off track by seeing political ambitions in Chelsea’s tweets. Koss said, that Chelsea is “just tweeting like a normal person would tweet.” Koss believes it is possible that Chelsea has become the go-to person to hear “where the Clinton voice is now.” None of the five Clinton friends interviewed believed that any of this boils down to Chelsea eyeing a political office.

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