Zombie Apocalypse Survival Groups, Plans, Preparedness, And Videos [Opinion]

Zombie apocalypse survival groups are cropping up all over the world. Facebook groups, neighborhood groups, and numerous websites and newsgroups are urging people to take them seriously. Even academic studies are being done on the potential for a zombie plague.

The zombie apocalypse seems an unlikely scenario, but not to millions of people all over the world who either take the idea literally or use it as a metaphor for some other yet unknown disaster on the horizon. For many, a coming disaster is possible, if not probable. Logically, eventually, some problem will arise in everyone’s life.

Zombie apocalypse survival has become code for disaster preparedness. Volcanic eruptions, storms, fires, floods and epidemics are just part of life on earth, and man’s dependence on modern technology can make a power grid failure catastrophic, especially if coupled with other disasters. It is amazing how increasingly dependent people have become on electricity over the last hundred years, considering humans lived without it for thousands of years.

Zombie apocalypse survival groups on Facebook are hardly uncommon. Some zombie groups are about TV shows and games, but others are quite literally preparing for a breakdown in society, a natural disaster, or a real zombie apocalypse plague.

The Zombie apocalypse is not just an American concern either. There are European and Spanish-speaking groups as well.

Zombie apocalypse survival groups have created a wealth of information on YouTube designed to navigate the average citizen through various natural disaster scenarios, epidemics, and failures in supply lines. These groups advise complex preparation.

Prepping as it is called isn’t entirely a new idea. Historically, it was considered both normal and necessary to have one year’s worth or at least a season’s worth of food stored in the home. It was part of the agricultural cycle to harvest and then can food. Now, though, many people think it is strange.

The zombie apocalypse is as good of a reason as any for a group, family or individual to save for a rainy day, assemble food storage and insulate themselves from potential hardships in whatever ways possible.

The zombie apocalypse survivalists are not all convinced that zombies are possible, or that they are the most likely threat, but even the CDC has a zombie preparedness page. It is an easier way to talk about what could go wrong.

Zombie apocalypse survival groups are not limited to poor or rural people. Wealthy people and city dwellers are also concerned. Suddenly, zombie prepping became costly, but also provided jobs and room for small businesses. According to Bug Out, preparedness shelters have become big business.

“Disaster readiness is not only getting more high-tech, it is also becoming higher-priced, with more and more Americans willing to shell out big bucks to protect themselves from what they see coming. That includes state-of-the-art underground shelters that come with greenhouses, gyms and decontamination units.”

The Zombie Survival Guide was a bit of a first, written by Max Brooks. The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead, as well as other books by Max Brooks have set the standard, but there are many very in-depth books on the subject.

Fan in zombie makeup in Tokyo

Zombie apocalypse survival schemes require study and thought. Each situation is different. That’s why people read books like Surviving Doomsday: A Guide for Surviving an Urban Disaster. Surviving Doomsday’s author Richard Duarte is quoted in Bug Out explaining why people are concerned.

“There’s a lot of uneasiness in society. You see it in politics. You see it in the economy. The world is changing really, really quickly and not always for the better.”

Are zombie apocalypse survival preparedness groups just responding to a fear of change? Perhaps, but remember changes can have unexpected consequences. Mankind has broken their connection with nature, through the use of technology, and specialized their skill set through society. People are no longer self-sufficient.

Zombie apocalypse preparedness usually includes getting back to nature, through hiking, and wilderness survival skills. It includes getting into better physical condition.

Zombie apocalypse preparedness groups also spend a lot of time thinking, using logic and developing a strategy. Their philosophy includes saving food, and supplies for hard times.

A Zombie Movie Premiere in Tokyo fans dressed as zombies by Matt Roberts

Using one’s brain and body to stay sharp, and stashing some canned goods away for a rainy day isn’t a bad strategy no matter what happens.

Perhaps zombie apocalypse survival groups, by pointing out the dangers on many different levels, from the harshest of realities to the most fanciful scenarios, could benefit society as a warning to bring their behaviors back down to earth and to reconnect with the natural environment.


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Could zombie apocalypse survival groups point the way to reconnecting with the natural environment and breaking mankind’s most powerful and increasingly built in dependence on technology?

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