Dave Chappelle Has An Unlikely Fan In Sean Hannity, According To Norman Reedus [Opinion]

Dave Chappelle has a gift, according to his close friend, Norman Reeds, during a visit to The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon. Norman Reedus was a guest on the late night talk show when the subject of his friend, Dave, came up and Norman had a quite interesting anecdote to share with everyone. It turns out that the ultra-conservative Fox News talk show host Sean Hannity really loves Dave Chappelle, and Norman got a taste of just how much Hannity loves Chappelle the very first time he met the comedian.

“When I first met Dave, Sean Hannity kept sending us tequila shots,” Norman explained to Jimmy Fallon, who seemed as confused as we all are. “Right?! He ran into Dave, and I guess he geeked out on Dave, and he kept sending the table tequila shots. It was so weird. It became a running thing.”

Dave Chappelle is a legendary comedian and he has fans from all walks of life. Norman Reedus proved last night, while sitting across the desk from Jimmy Fallon, that even a super conservative like Hannity still can’t escape the wit and wisdom that Chappelle puts forth in his comedy routines.

According to Norman Reedus, the situation where Sean Hannity went complete fanboy on Dave Chappelle was weird. One can only imagine that it would definitely make for a weird first meeting, but cheers to the free tequila shots. Knowing Chappelle’s typical genre of comedy and having seen multiple standup routines as well as every episode of Chappelle’s Show, the type of comedy that Chappelle tends to deliver, his jokes (which almost always wear a huge coat of the truth under all of the laughs) are heavily liberal.

It turns out that Sean Hannity isn’t the only unlikely fan of Dave Chappelle’s work. Norman Reedus also shared this gem with Jimmy Fallon.

“I saw him go into a bar and do a comedy show where there was a bunch of Southern people who were drinking, sort of heckling and being crazy. And he turned that whole room into a love fest in about 45 minutes. I mean, that’s a gift. That guy has a gift.”

Chappelle is a champion for the black community and often brings up topics that many would assume a conservative like Sean Hannity wouldn’t appreciate, but it looks like even he can get a few laughs from the comedy icon. Or maybe the way Hannity reacted and the multiple tequila shots he sent to Dave Chappelle are proof that there is a real human under that barrier of cold-hearted conservative.


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No matter what the reason, it’s a sure thing that Norman Reedus and Dave Chappelle must still get quite a few laughs over the memories of Sean Hannity disrupting the building of a perfect bromance in order to meet his favorite comedian and share a drink. After all, Dave is known for sharing some pretty funny anecdotes about the celebrities that he and some of his closest friends have run into over the years.

Remember the skit about Prince playing basketball? Or even the one about Rick James? Nobody who ever watched Chappelle’s Show will ever forget Rick James. Would it be so far-fetched if Sean Hannity became one of those skits in the future or that story popped up in a Dave Chappelle comedy routine? Don’t be shocked if it does.


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It also turns out that Sean Hannity doesn’t geek out over every famous comedian that he runs into out in public. Nor does he buy them all tequila shots, as Jimmy Fallon noted during the interview.

“You know, it’s weird,” Fallon said at the tail end of the Dave Chappelle tequila shots story. “I saw Sean Hannity at a restaurant once, and he didn’t send me anything.”

In any case, Norman Reedus’ story about Sean Hannity busting in on him during his first meet up with Dave Chappelle is pretty funny. It turns out that Dave and Norman have continued to bond over the years and now they enjoy an unusual friendship. They ride motorcycles together and Norman Reedus has seen Dave Chappelle live, in person, as he delivered plenty of comedy routines.

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