Melania Trump’s Parents’ Picture Goes Viral: Uncanny Look-Alike Of First Couple? [Opinion]

Melania Trump’s parents were captured in a recent picture that has gone viral across social media sites. Why have Viktor and Amalija Knavs gained so much buzz today? Check out the picture below and see why people are calling them the mirror image of Donald and Melania Trump.

Melania’s parents are a handsome looking couple, much like Melania and Donald Trump. In one of the latest pictures to surface of the first lady’s parents, people see a close resemblance to Donald and Melania. Social media users claim her parents bear an uncanny resemblance right down to Melania’s father’s red tie and the way his blue suit fits him.

Some people have commented across social media sites that at first glance they thought this was a picture of a couple impersonating Donald and Melania Trump, as seen on AOL News. A Twitter user thought they were actors playing the part of the first couple.

In this picture, Melania’s dad, Viktor Knavs, is holding a burnt orange carry on-type bag and many folks are joking that this is a purse. Others are saying if Viktor Knavs is impersonating Trump, he should know that Trump would never carry a purse.

While these were comments meant as harmless jokes, there are other comments that were rather nasty. This could be the reason why Melania has kept her parents hidden from the press. She just might want to protect them from the same type of comments that she herself has experienced.

Melania Trump's parents bear uncanny resemblance to First Couple?

According to AOL News, Melania’s parents are a little bit of a mystery as her dad has been referred to as a “car parts salesman” and “a manager of a state-owned car dealership” back in their native country of Slovenia. Her mom was reported as a worker in a “textile factory” as well as a “children’s fashion designer,” again in their homeland.

Very little else is known about Melania’s parents and if that seems mysterious to some, think about why Melania just might protect her parents from the media. As the nation’s first lady the press hasn’t been very kind to her, so why would she share anything at all about her parents’ lives with the media?

This is a woman who has done nothing but showed class and charm, yet the press had a field day with her and her 11-year-old son Barron because they are related to Donald Trump. Chances are she is not about to dangle anything about her parents out there for the press to grab and twist.

Melania’s parents are now living full time in the U.S., going back and forth with Melania from Trump Tower in NYC to the Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate in Palm Beach. Viktor and Amalija Knavs still own their home in the city of Sevnica and they do travel back there a couple of times a year. Below is a picture of Melania’s parents from a few years back playing with their grandson, Barron Trump.

The fact that people see a resemblance of Donald Trump in Melania’s father speaks volumes about her dad and her husband. According to Heavy, “Viktor Knavs, is described as a big personality who bears similarities to Donald Trump.” Melania has had nothing but wonderful things to say about her parents and her upbringing, so it appears she married a man like dear-old dad, as the saying goes. This is a complement to both her father and husband.

As a daughter, it is most likely that Melania keeps her parents away from the press because she loves them and she doesn’t want them to become targets of disparaging remarks like she has endured. Can you imagine how mortified and hurt Melania would be if the press ripped into her parents as they have other members of her family?

Melania has an older sister, who is also her best friend. Ines Knauss is Melania’s only sister and she lives just two blocks away from Trump Tower in NYC. The sister of the first lady of the nation also stays behind the scene, much like their parents do. Ines is seen in a rare photo with Melania in the tweet below.

While many across social media sites are commenting on the uncanny resemblance of the first lady’s parents to Melania and her husband, some comments aren’t as nice as others. This alone goes to show you why Melania most likely keeps her family under wraps. People can take a generic picture and pull it apart with words, which is what some are doing online today with their less than kind comments.

[Featured Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]