Donald Trump Deems Nancy Pelosi And Chuck Schumer Owners Of Imploding Obamacare [Opinion]

Donald Trump stressed that politically speaking, the Obamacare repeal bill not getting the votes needed to pass may be the best thing to happen for him. He sees Obamacare “imploding” and he believes it will soon “explode,” which will fall back on the Democrats. This is what Trump said during his press conference Friday afternoon, which was not too long after the news of the bill being pulled surfaced.

According to The Hill, Trump even got specific in his details by saying “I think the losers are Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer because now they own Obamacare.” Trump said “Obamacare was rammed down everyone’s throats,” and it was the Democrats who voted it in. Once it falls apart he is looking for a bipartisan fix for healthcare.

According to an earlier article by The Hill, they spoke with Trump by phone in the minutes following the Obamacare repeal bill being pulled, Trump “wants to see what happens, if the Democrats will try to come to him and work with him on healthcare.” Today Obamacare remains the law of the land, as do all the problems that come along with it.

The headlines are not being very kind to Trump, as some are putting the failure on getting this bill passed on him. The Washington Post suggests that Trump has taken a hit on his reputation as a negotiator; they are reminded of Forbes once saying that Trump is a “savvy” businessman. The Washington Post asks, “How savvy? Friday’s scheduled vote on a Republican health-care overhaul represented the first major test of Trump’s ability to cut deals as president. He failed the test.”

NBC News reports that Trump is standing by his team today and he still has confidence in Paul Ryan. Trump conveyed what Ryan had earlier at his own press conference, that they were “very, very close,” but the votes weren’t there. Trump was not happy, but he looked like he was ready to move on, which he did report they planned on doing.

When asked if he regrets tackling Obamacare as his first major point of business, Trump said that he doesn’t. There was a plan to give Americans affordable health insurance first above everything else. Now it is bothersome to him to see Obamacare implode leaving Americans with major problems of either no healthcare or healthcare out of their financial reach.

While the disparaging words are thrown around about Trump and his plan and while the Democrats act as if they won an important battle, it is the citizens of this country who will pay the price. When it boils down to it, just those few votes that this bill was short of in order to pass through the House might very well be the cause of some major healthcare insurance problems in the near future.

Donald Trump Said Pelosi and Schumer Own Obamacare

As more and more insurance companies pull out of Obamacare and more and more people have to drop the plans because they are sky high and cover very little, it is Americans who suffer. The battle wasn’t Trump vs. Obamacare, the battle was Trump trying to find a way to actually give citizens an affordable healthcare plan.

Trump mentioned he and his team had learned a few things after this bill not gaining the votes it needed. One of those things he mentioned was he learned about loyalty. He didn’t mention any names, but you got the feeling he felt somewhat betrayed.

“The best thing we can do, politically speaking, was to let Obamacare explode” so it falls back on the Democrats. Trump reminded everyone that this is something he had been saying all along. Trump will probably go right to tax reform, which is what he said when questioned at the press conference. His plan was to repeal Obamacare first and then go into the tax reform, but he said putting a new healthcare plan in place would have flowed into what he needed to do with tax reform.

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