Why Ivanka Trump’s White House Office Is A Danger To America [Opinion]

U.S. President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump will soon be granted an office in the West Wing of the White House. The first daughter will also be given a high-level security clearance and her opinion held in high regard by her father, despite the fact that she doesn’t hold an official position in the government.

Ivanka Trump has expressed that her desires lie within “advocating women,” however, not many working women believe her claim. Moreover, the first daughter also stated that she will not be a government employee despite her office in the White House and high-level security clearance. The president also chimed in saying that his children will hold no role in his administration.

The stark contrast is almost too hard to ignore, even when Ivanka Trump concedes that there is “no modern precedent for an adult child of the president.” She also added that she will voluntarily comply with ethics rules in relevance to the fact that she will not be sworn in.


Having a high-level security clearance is something granted to those who have worked for it and gained the appropriate amount of experience and knowledge. It is also of the essence to pass any background checks to assure the public that the person has no ties to sanctioned individuals.

However, Ivanka’s father is the president and with their personal relationship, it is possible for the president to be empowered enough to ignore the outcome of a background investigation. In the case of Ivanka Trump, there was an article published recently that exposed her involvement in a hotel deal in Azerbaijan. The supposed meeting seems to be a “corrupt operation engineered by oligarch tied to Iran’s Revolutionary guard.”


It would be too convenient if the background investigation done on Trump ignored this bit of information, according the Chicago Tribune. Evidently, President Donald Trump has the power to turn a blind eye to such information found about his daughter. The action taken by the president will determine where his interest truly lies.

Allowing a person such as Ivanka Trump to gain such a high-level security clearance will expose her to the nation’s deepest and most coveted secrets, and the judgment call can only be made by none other than her father. Moreover, having such access demands that the person has the nation’s best interest at heart, without any trace of personal interest, especially for financial gain.


Moreover, if Ivanka Trump does receive her clearance despite the efforts of Government watchdogs to ask them to reconsider the position as reported by CTV News. The group strongly refuses to consider Ivanka Trump as a government employee, and also questions the fact that the position that was designed for Trump “creates a middle space that doesn’t exist.”

Moreover, a senior White House official who requested anonymity says that Ivanka Trump has an interest in politics, as well as clothing and a lifestyle brand of her own. He also called Trump an unprecedented situation, whose position follows no protocol because she is not an employee, she is family.

In addition, Ivanka Trump was criticized after participating in her father’s meeting with the Prime Minister of Japan. As the meeting took place, Ivanka Trump’s business was negotiating a licensing deal with a company owned by the Japanese Government.


Apparently, Ivanka Trump isn’t the only relative that serves as proof that nepotism is on-going in the White House. President Donald Trump’s two sons were used to counter the issue surrounding Donald Trump’s conflict of interest when it comes to his business. Eric Trump and Donald Trump, Jr., were placed in charge of the president’s business, however, his financial interests remained intact.

Despite Ivanka Trump’s goal to “advocate women,” many women actually find her to be demotivating. Teagan Walsh-Davis of The Jades theater group in Chicago mentioned that Ivanka Trump’s goal is shortsighted. Moreover, the artistic director also expressed that the women Trump refers to in her advocacy are those who are like her, already established, successful and belongs in the same class as her.

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