Is Hillary An Afterthought For Pelosi? Democrat Frontrunner Is ‘Someone New’ [Opinion]

Nancy Pelosi had the look of a deer caught in the headlights when she was recently asked to name the leader of the Democratic Party. She started to sputter, then pulled President Obama out of her invisible bag of maybe’s. She wasn’t very confident on what she was about to say, especially when she came around to Hillary Clinton’s name.

Oddly enough, a new poll pretty much mirrored Pelosi’s ambiguity when it came to putting someone out in front of the Democratic Party today. A Harvard-Harris survey recently polled voters and not a notable name rose to the top as a liberal candidate frontrunner, according to Newsweek. The new Democratic Party leader should be “someone new,” according to this poll.

In a recent interview, Anderson Cooper asked Pelosi a very generic question and came to find out there’s apparently no generic answer. As the Daily Caller reports, when Anderson asked Pelosi a rather simple question, he put the House minority leader into “full-on spin mode.”

Anderson asked, “Who is the leader of the Democratic Party?” Pelosi looked dazed for a moment and there was some hesitation on her part. At this point, if that old saying about smoke coming out of someone’s ears while they are thinking were true, Pelosi would have vanished in a cloud of smoke. It was apparent that Pelosi was taken off guard and that point wasn’t missed via social media. They caught Pelosi’s off-guard moment and had a field day with it.

Once she grounded herself a bit she answered, but it wasn’t an answer that she appeared too confident in. “Well, President Obama was the president of the United States until just a matter of weeks ago. I don’t think that he can be dismissed as the leader of the Democratic Party,” said the House Minority Leader. Was that a safe answer on her part, or was it the only answer she could come up with?

Then she turned her thoughts to Hillary Clinton, as if she just remembered she was the last person from their party who campaigned for president. In what appeared as an attempt on Pelosi’s part to cover all the bases, she then said, “Hillary Clinton did not win the election, but a respected leader.”

Backtracking on that a bit, Pelosi added, “We have leaders for all different aspects of it.” She then schooled Anderson on how the “Democratic Party is a congressional party, and we have members in Congress.” As a last ditch effort she threw in, “It is a gubernatorial party.”

The interview didn’t end too well for Pelosi with her attempt at rustling up a Democratic Party leader for the sake of this interview. Cooper said to Pelosi that the Democratic Party has “suffered tremendous losses in the last couple of years under President Obama.” The smoke from those ears subsided and she added “It has.” Then it appeared she had another thought and added, “but we have a plan to address that.”

At least she is on the same page with the voters who don’t see a leader emerging from the notable names of the Democratic Party today. Believe it or not, the Harvard-Harris survey has Michelle Obama coming in as a close second with 11 percent of the voters polled picking her. This was despite Michelle saying time and time again that she had no interest in running.

Bernie Sanders came in first at 14 percent. He and Michelle are the only two names with double digits. Elizabeth Warren beat out Hillary Clinton with 9 percent going for Warren. Only 8 percent of the voters polled in the Harvard-Harris survey put their hopes on Clinton. Some minor consideration was given to Mark Cuban, the man thought to be Hillary’s ammunition for getting Trump riled up during the presidential debates.

Cuban was sitting front and center in the audience during one of the presidential debates. Reports had him there at Hillary’s request in an attempt to rattle Trump’s cage. Cuban sat and watched as Trump and Hillary debated the important issues of the nation, reports the L.A. Times from back in October. The Times called this “psychological warfare.” Trump had his own Hillary antagonists planted in the audience as well. Cuban got 4 percent of the voters polled in the Harvard-Harris survey and 3 percent went to none other than Oprah!

While this might look like some sad numbers at first glance, the big frontrunner came in with 45 percent. The problem is — nobody knows who he or she is. As fate would have it, 45 percent of the voters polled opted for “someone new” as the leader of the Democratic Party. It looks like Nancy Pelosi’s hesitation when naming the new leader of the party today is echoed across the voters.

[Featured Image by Cliff Owen/AP Images]