Tony Romo Rumors: Jerry Jones Worried About Possible Kaepernick-Smith Situation? [Opinion]

Another week is coming to an end, and yet the Tony Romo trade rumors continue to swirl. Seemingly every day, a different rumor pops up concerning where the Dallas Cowboys quarterback could land before the 2017 NFL season begins, however, the longer things drag out, the more you have to believe that the possibility of Romo staying in Dallas is very real.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the top two teams that keep coming up in trade talks to land Romo are the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans. Both seem to be perfect fits for Romo, so if Jerry Jones is happy with Dak Prescott running the show in Dallas, why all of the hesitation to strike a deal? Thinking outside the box for a minute, is it quite possible that Jones will hold on to Romo?

His contract would lead fans to believe that the answer to that question is “no,” but as recent history has shown NFL fans, one year does not make a great quarterback.

Just take the Alex Smith-Colin Kaepernick experiment.

Smith was a proven winner with the San Francisco 49ers, and he is still winning more games than he loses now with the Kansas City Chiefs. Bad play didn’t end his career in San Francisco, an injury did. Kaepernick stepped in and was so impressive that the Niners lost their minds and let Smith go, giving Kaepernick full control of the offense and a ridiculous contract, and that is a move they are kicking themselves for every day.

Is Jerry Jones worried about the same situation possibly happening in Dallas if he trades Tony Romo away?

Romo, like Alex Smith, lost his job due to injury, not poor play. Now that he is reportedly healthy, is Jones scared to pull the trigger and deal away one of the most beloved players in recent Dallas Cowboys’ history?

Alex Smith Colin Kaepernick

That could very well be possible. Jones is an old-school guy, and he knows that the old rule of thumb used to be that a player never loses his starting job due to injury no matter how good his temporary replacement performs. When the injured player is healed, he gets a shot to prove he can perform at a high level again. If he can’t, then he becomes the new back-up. Since that never happened in this case, could Jones be holding on to Romo because he is worried about a possible sophomore slump from Dak Prescott?

How about a totally different spin on this whole Romo rumor merry-go-round? Perhaps Romo, if he doesn’t get traded to a team of his liking, is going to hang up his cleats for good.

Jerry Jones indicates that MMQB’s Peter King believes that Romo walking away and leaving the NFL for a football analyst gig is a real option.

“This is just my opinion, but what if Romo is enjoying the family life (he is married, with two children, and a third on the way), realizes he wants to continue to live in Dallas, and thinks maybe it wouldn’t be so bad on 20 weekends a year to leave home Friday morning, get home Sunday night, do something he knows he’d be good at (talking about football in an amiable and intelligent way), and be able to make $2 million a year (at the very least). He will be smart enough to know he can’t just walk into a big-time booth without some knowledge whether he’d be good right away, and I expect he’d do his homework on that, if he hasn’t already.”

King does make great points in his recent article for Sports Illustrated. Romo has two young children, all the money in the world, and he has his health. Why not walk away if you aren’t happy?

One rumor of late has Romo heading to the Carolina Panthers, but that would never happen, would it?

Romo has made it clear that he wants to play, not sit the bench, and the Carolina Panthers are not going to trade for Tony Romo and start him over Cam Newton. If Romo doesn’t mind being the number two guy, he would just choose to stay in Dallas.

If a deal is not struck to trade Romo before or during the 2017 NFL Draft, things are going to be very interesting in Dallas this fall for the Cowboys.

[Feature Image by Rob Carr/Getty Images]