Donald And Melania Trump Bedroom Invaded By Rumors: Lack Of Pillow Talk Reported [Opinion]

The latest news about Donald and Melania Trump has the couple in separate bedrooms. Depending on where you are reading this latest scoop, you may walk away thinking Melania is punishing her husband for putting her in the position of being a politician’s wife or you may realize that two bedrooms doesn’t mean separate sleeping quarters.

The press has infiltrated every other aspect of Donald and Melania Trump’s life that you would think they would leave the sacred bedroom and sleeping arrangements of a married couple alone. Now that most aspects of their lives have been spun into fake news at some point in time, the bedroom of the new president and first lady is invaded by rumors.

According to Perez Hilton, Melania Trump is reported as being “so miserable” that she insists on a separate bedroom from her husband. According to Hilton, Melania doesn’t make any attempt to hide her misery from anyone. That gorgeous and genuine-looking smile she flashes for the camera gets wiped off her face as soon as the camera is gone, so say the rumors.

She is “trapped in a life that she never wanted” and according to the reports Hilton is citing, she makes no bones about letting others around her know this. Us Weekly reports that the 46-year-old Melania and the 70-year-old President Trump spend very little time together even when they are in the same home. The source that Us Weekly spoke with said that the couple sleep in separate beds.

A “third source” indicated that while the couple have separate bedrooms, they do sleep in the same bed. The headlines are painting Melania as a woman “refusing to share a bed with her husband,” which is what AOL News writes today.

A representative for Melania Trump replied to this story calling it false and gave a statement that included, “It’s unfortunate that you are going to feature unnamed sources that have provided fictional accounts.” Who could honestly say they are privy to Melania and Donald Trump’s time together in the bedroom at night, unless they have a Peeping Tom hole-in-the-wall to see it first hand?

It just may be that becoming the first lady was a bit overwhelming for Melania, as it probably would be for any other woman stepping into this role. This would be especially true since she has not lived a life that has groomed her for politics. Many other spouses of politicians have had a chance to ease into the political life by being by their spouse’s side as they made their way up the political ladder. Melania was just thrust into this life, so it is going to take some getting used to, but she is coming around, as the tweet below suggests.

To say that she is refusing to sleep with her husband is really going into a topic that no one has the business to delve into. For months now people have quipped that Melania’s unhappy and resentful of being thrown into the White House and the position of the first lady, yet by most reports Melania is handling these duties elegantly.

Despite Melania sharing her own words about how she loves, respects, and admires her husband, this isn’t good enough. Despite Melania’s own words, disparaging reports of the couple bedtime habits hit the news. Melania wanted a “glam room” within the White House and it could be that “separate room” is just that, a “glam room.” This would be the place that holds all her clothes and accessories.

Many couples have separate bedrooms, but it doesn’t mean their marriage is on the rocks. Something as simple as one partner snoring can send the other partner looking for a quiet place to sleep. Who are these sources giving up these stories on the Trumps’ bedtime habits? Us Weekly claims their “unnamed source” is a family member. You have seen how close the Trump family is; can you imagine one of them saying this to a reporter?

It seems folks are adamant on making Melania Trump out to be a woman “trapped” in a marriage with Donald Trump. Social media even had a “free Melania” campaign of sorts going for a while. BET reports that at the women’s march in Washington, people were holding up signs to the cameras saying “Melania blink twice if you need help,” making a joke out of this.

This is not how other presidents and first ladies started out their time in the White House, so why the Trumps?

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