Marshawn Lynch Should ‘Unretire’ From The NFL, Join The Oakland Raiders [Opinion]

Marshawn Lynch, better known to the masses as Beastmode, has been making headlines recently about a possible return to the National Football League. Lynch retired from the game during halftime of the Super Bowl last year with a Twitter image of cleats hanging up and a peace emoji sign. It caught the entire league off guard but that’s exactly what made Lynch so special and just a different type of character. Not to mention he’s arguably one of the most bruising running backs in the game’s history. The former Seattle Seahawks star has stated that he misses the game and many speculate that if he does indeed return, it will be to play for his hometown Oakland Raiders. Here are a few reasons I believe Beastmode should make an NFL comeback.

Marshawn Lynch’s Oakland Raiders hometown connection

In recent years there have been several professional athletes that have expressed their desire to play for their hometown teams and try and bring them a championship in their respective sports. In the NBA, Dwight Howard went home to play for the Atlanta Hawks, Dwyane Wade now plays for his hometown Chicago Bulls, and of course, there is LeBron James who went back home to Cleveland and ended up giving the city its first NBA championship. I’m not saying that Beastmode is going to go back to Oakland and the Raiders are going to win the Super Bowl, but I am saying that the possibility exists and should at least intrigue Marshawn Lynch.

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The Raiders had an amazing year last season and made the playoffs with a high-powered offense led by budding young star quarterback Derek Carr. Unfortunately, Carr broke his fibula late in the season and the Raiders were promptly bounced out of the playoffs. Carr will return this season healthier with the majority of the weapons he had last year and a defense that is steadily improving. Starting running back Latavius Murray left for the Minnesota Vikings in free agency so there is a hole at the position that could be filled at least partly by Lynch. The offensive line is outstanding so it would be an ideal situation for Marshawn to be a part of. Not to mention the fact that the Raiders could be moving from Oakland to Las Vegas in two years and this could be his only chance to play for his hometown team.

Marshawn Lynch’s legacy should not end with the Seattle Seahawks

Marshawn Lynch is probably without a doubt an NFL Hall of Famer even if he never laces up his football cleats again. The problem is that most people will remember him for what he could’ve done instead of what he actually accomplished. He won a Super Bowl with the Seahawks, but in all fairness, it really should’ve been two. When the Seattle Seahawks played the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 49, the ball was on the one-yard line with 20 seconds left in the game. The Seahawks had the ball and were down 24-28. They had arguably the best running back in the game eagerly awaiting the ball so he could put the game away en route to his second Super Bowl title and probably first Super Bowl MVP trophy.

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The Seahawks elected to pass the ball instead and got intercepted at the goal line. They didn’t give the ball to Marshawn Lynch, which has been called one of the biggest blunders in Super Bowl history. I’m sure that play still leaves a salty taste in his mouth as it should and maybe he wants to get out on the field one last time to rectify it. It’s a pretty safe bet that Marshawn Lynch doesn’t want to be remembered for a play that never happened.

The itch to play has not left Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch’s agent Doug Hendrickson has already gone on record saying that he misses playing the game. Lynch will be 31 this year which is somewhat old when you consider the average career lifespan of an NFL running back. It’s not as old as some of his contemporaries who are still playing like Adrian Peterson and Matt Forte. Those two guys have still been contributors to their respective teams even in their advanced ages.

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If Marshawn Lynch still has the desire to play and has something left in the tank, then he should definitely not let it go to waste. Even if he were to find himself in a timeshare with another running back on a contending team, Lynch still has the physical tools to make his presence felt. The hunger to play the game is not going to go away until he actually at least attempts it. It would be better to go out there now and give it a shot instead of waiting another year or two for his physical tools to begin to diminish.

One thing is for certain whether he comes out of retirement or not, Marshawn Lynch will always be revered as one of the toughest, most powerful running backs to ever play the game. If he doesn’t come back, I definitely can’t wait to hear his NFL Hall of Fame induction speech. I’m almost positive it will be one for the ages.

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