‘Criminal Minds’ #StillMissingHotch: Fans Say Thomas Gibson Would Fix Reid Issue [Opinion]

Criminal Minds fans are expressing their dissatisfaction with the show in increasing numbers on #NoHotchNoWatch. It seems that fans are now saying that Thomas Gibson’s Hotch would resolve the Season 12B situation with Matthew Gray Gubler’s Spencer Reid.

Thomas Gibson’s termination from Criminal Minds has spurred a small but tenacious fan base to circle the wagons so to speak on Twitter. Every Wednesday night at 9 p.m., a time that coincides with the airing of Criminal Minds, Thomas Gibson fans meet on Twitter under the hashtag #NoHotchNoWatch.

Criminal Minds is in the midst of a story arc in which Matthew Gray Gubler as Spencer Reid is incarcerated for murder. Accused of a crime Spencer at least probably didn’t commit, the evidence is nevertheless stacked against him.

Thomas Gibson’s character Hotch would likely be a huge help in this situation according to #NoHotchNoWatch. Not only had Gibson’s Hotch been a long-term Unit Chief of the BAU, but he was a longtime friend of Matthew Gray Gubler’s Spencer Reid character as well.

While Criminal Minds veteran star Matthew Gray Gubler has really stepped up powerfully in his role as Spencer Reid, in the absence of not one but two other veteran co-stars, ratings have declined significantly this season.

Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore were both part of the cast for Season 11 and the season’s average total viewers were 9.011 million with 1.79 million for the 18 to 49 age demographic according to TV Series Finale. In Season 12 without Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore, average ratings have fallen to 7.529 million and 1.40 million according to TV Series Finale.

Shemar Moore of S.W.A.T. formerly of Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds is struggling and CBS is doing everything except what #NoHotchNoWatch is requesting. They have hired additional actors, showcased their heartthrob Matthew Gray Gubler, and boosted their advertising, but now they are really taking out all the stops.

Thomas Gibson’s former co-worker Shemar Moore is reportedly returning to Criminal Minds for the season finale and perhaps beyond, CBS reports.

“Shemar Moore is back! Reprising his role as SSA Derek Morgan for the Criminal Minds’ Season 12 Finale, Moore will return to the BAU with a lead in the case against Mr. Scratch.”

Criminal Minds isn’t going down without a fight, and while returning Shemar Moore is definitely the best idea yet, why not allow Thomas Gibson to reprise his role as well. Some viewers may return to regularly viewing Criminal Minds now if Shemar Moore is truly back, but why not bring back as many viewers as possible?

Shemar Moore was recently reported to be slated to star in a new show called S.W.A.T. See this Inquisitr article for more information on Shemar Moore and S.W.A.T. Is Shemar only returning for one episode of Criminal Minds or will he be managing two jobs next season?

Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds

Thomas Gibson fans on #NoHotchNoWatch will likely hold firm, but those thousands actively protesting and boycotting on Twitter do not account for the 1.5 million viewers missing from Criminal Minds‘ regular viewers.

Criminal Minds ratings have remained steady for 11 years. Now in Season 12, ratings suddenly plummet. The only real changes are in casting.


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Thomas Gibson’s absence coupled with Shemar Moore’s absence has sunk Criminal Minds‘ ratings and now CBS is trying to prove to themselves it is Moore they miss. Yes, people miss Shemar Moore, but he left of his own accord, to pursue other career goals.

Thomas Gibson was terminated and some highly contested allegations were made against Thomas. How many viewers who don’t even know about #NoHotchNoWatch stopped viewing Criminal Minds either because of Gibson’s absence as Hotch or because they were offended by the way CBS treated Gibson?

Criminal Minds cast and crew allegedly had no part in the firing of Thomas Gibson, but rather it was a CBS decision. Still, CBS wants to experiment to see if enough fans return to see Shemar Moore, or if it is perhaps really Thomas they miss.

Will Thomas Gibson be invited to return to Criminal Minds if Shemar Moore’s return doesn’t boost the ratings significantly?

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