Is Kate Middleton Being Treated Like A Doormat By Prince William? [Opinion]

‘In the wake of Prince William’s somewhat questionable behavior in a Switzerland nightclub, concerns have been raised in the press that the heir to the throne is caught in the grips of some existential midlife crisis and that poor Kate Middleton is bearing the brunt of her husband’s breakdown.

When the commoner married the blue-blooded royal way back in that dizzy April of 2011, millions gushed that sometimes fairytales really do come true.

But life is no Walt Disney movie, and experts who spend their days scrutinizing the royal power couple believe that cracks in the relationship have become all too evident for those with eyes to see.

Many commentators have been hyper critical of what conservative types view as Prince William’s “loutish” antics in the Alps.

For those not familiar with the Prince’s recent bout of partying. He has been accused of binge-drinking on a skiing holiday earlier this month with some old pals and a couple of blonde models. And if that wasn’t plebeian enough, he was also caught throwing some bizarre dance moves in a nightclub like a lager-fueled football fan.

To add to the terrible coarseness and vulgarity of the entire episode, William was also snapped with his hand on the waist of some mysterious female. Oh the horror!

Needless to say, the world watched on in disbelief and collectively sighed for poor old Kate. As one, our hearts went out to the Duchess, left alone back in dreary old Britain, running around after the kids, doing the weekly shop, scrubbing the floors, whilst making sure she remained presentable.

Kate Middleton

To compound matters, whilst William was living it large, he noticeably missed a service to mark Commonwealth Day at Westminster Abbey. Other senior members of the Royal Family turned out in force, including Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Edward, Prince Andrew, and the Queen. Hell, even Mr ‘Party Hard’ Prince Harry was there, but alas, no Wills.

William’s actions have not passed unnoticed by the beady eye of Lorraine Kelly. Writing in the column for The Sun, the outraged 57-year-old Kate fan growled, “‘What the heck is going on with Prince William? It looks like he’s having an early mid-life crisis and desperately trying to relive a youth he missed out on.”

“It is all the more surprising because William has always been the ‘good boy,’ but maybe this is his way of finally rebelling.”

“While younger brother Harry grew up having all the fun, with wine women and song, sober William was at university dating his nice but dull Kate and conforming to every page of the rulebook. Now it would appear that the two brothers have traded places.”

“Harry looks very settled with girlfriend Meghan Markle and has knuckled down to take his royal duties seriously.”

Duchess of Cambridge

Yet it’s not just accusation of being “work-shy” that are being thrown in Prince William’s direction. He is pretty much being accused of treating poor Kate like doormat.

“I actually feel rather sorry for Kate right now. She has dutifully produced two royal babies — and to satisfy the traditionalists even had them in the ‘right’ order, with a prince as heir and princess as ‘the spare.’”

“She wears clothes that are too old for her, to conform to convention, and smiles sweetly through bum-numbing royal events. I hope she tears a strip off her silly husband for being such an eejit and allowing himself to be laughed at and accused of being workshy.”

“They are just over a year shy of the seven-year itch, when couples can become bored with one another and want to see if the grass is greener elsewhere. I don’t think their marriage is in trouble but William needs to buy a bloody big bunch of roses for his wife and make a groveling apology.”

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