Is Prince William’s Verbier ‘Dad Dancing’ A Sign Of A Lazy And Feckless Royal? [Opinion]

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge is second in line for the British throne. William will one day be King, and in recent years, there has been a growing feeling that when Queen Elizabeth dies, Prince William should take the throne instead of his father, Prince Charles. William and the Duchess of Cambridge, the former Kate Middleton, have been seen as royalty’s “golden couple” since they married in 2011. Williams popularity in recent years is matched only by that of his mother, Diana Princess of Wales.

Like his mother, Prince William has the reputation of having the “common touch.” He has always been seen as a level-headed young man who is comfortable in any company. Where William’s younger brother, Prince Harry, has always been seen as a “party prince,” William has remained scandal-free. At least until last week.

Prince William Dad Dancing Verbier
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Prince William and several of his male friends headed off to Verbier in the Swiss Alps for a few days skiing, and reportedly they partied hard. The result of Williams weekend away with his pals, is that his name has been dragged through the mud by many in the tabloid press. It seems that Prince William’s crime was to be especially bad at “dad dancing” and that he “cheated” on Princess Kate by talking to women.

Prince William has one of the best-known faces on the planet. Like many high-profile celebrities, his every move is scrutinized, and the slightest indiscretion attracts headlines around the world. Unlike most celebrities, Prince William didn’t seek publicity. Instead, as a member of the British royal family, and especially as Princess Diana’s son, William has had celebrity status thrust upon him by an accident of birth.

As a member of Queen Elizabeth’s family, and second in line to the throne, Prince William was born to a life of privilege. The British royal family’s wealth is incalculable. If it wasn’t for the fact that most of the House of Windsor’s wealth is written off as the “property of the crown,” Prince William’s family would undoubtedly be one of the world’s richest, they already are, just as a result of their personal wealth. Buckingham Palace alone is reputed to be worth at least $8 billion. According to the Express Kate Middleton’s family is worth over $12 billion, and Princess Kate has a net worth of nearly $5 billion.

With that privilege, Prince William carries a huge burden of responsibility. Last week’s dad dancing antics in Verbier have left many questioning whether William is taking his royal duties seriously.

Do Prince William’s Dad Dancing Antics In Verbier Show Him To Be Lazy And Feckless?

As a member of Queen Elizabeth’s family and as a senior royal, Prince William has a duty to carry out royal engagements. By choosing to go skiing over Commonwealth Day, William has unleashed a torrent of accusations. His detractors claim that the 24-year-old Prince is out of control, lazy, and neglecting his royal duties. Perhaps typically, U.K. tabloid the Sun was the most critical of Prince William. They called him “work-shy” and used a fairly poor pun, calling William “Throne Idle.”

The Sun wasn’t the only U.K. tabloid to attack Prince William. The Daily Star also called him work-shy, pointing out that William has carried out only 13 public engagements in 2017. William’s 90-year-old grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, despite illness, has made 24 public appearances. It was also pointed out that in recent years Prince William has carried out far fewer engagements than his 95-year-old grandfather, Prince Philip.

rince William's Verbier 'Dad Dancing'
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On this occasion Prince William’s biggest mistake was to have his lads weekend when the Queen and the rest of the royal family were celebrating Commonwealth Day. Admittedly Commonwealth Day is hugely important to Queen Elizabeth as she is head of the commonwealth, but does anyone really believe that William did not consult the Queen to get her blessing to miss the event?

It could be argued that Prince William needs to step up his game by taking on more responsibility, especially given the Queen and Prince Philips advancing years. That said, William is still a young man with a young family, can he really be expected to avoid any activity that might be fun? William’s capacity to do anything that might draw criticism will be reduced still further when his grandmother dies. He has a life of public service ahead of him, perhaps he can be forgiven for seeking some fun by skiing and dad dancing in Verbier while he can still do so.

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