Tony Romo Trade Rumors: Cowboys Keeping Romo Or Holding Out For Broncos Offer? [Opinion]

While the Tony Romo trade rumors seemingly grow by the day, most NFL fans believed that Romo would already be ancient history in Big D by now. With Romo still active on the roster, you have to believe that there may be a part of Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones that is hoping the long-time Cowboys quarterback remains with Dallas. One thing that does seem apparent is that Jones doesn’t want to see his long time QB playing for the team right down the street, the Houston Texans.

NBC Sports indicates that there may be a possibility that Jones couldn’t (or wouldn’t) want to see the former Cowboys gunslinger playing for the Houston Texans. Why? Because Romo is one of the most popular players in Dallas, even with all of the trade rumors surrounding him. While the Cowboys and Texans are in different conferences, you would think that Jones would rather deal Romo to Houston than any team in the NFC.

Romo rumors
Would Jerry Jones trade Tony Romo to Houston? [Image by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]

After all, trading Romo to a team in the AFC would mean the odds of the deal coming back to burn Jones are fairly slim, unless the team Romo lands on wins the upcoming Super Bowl.

However, Jones’ ego may be the single reason he would rather trade Romo to the Denver Broncos over the Houston Texans.

As Pro Football Talk‘s Mike Florio put it.

“Romo exits Dallas and lands in Houston. And then every outlet in Dallas assigns at least one reporter to cover Romo’s year(s) in Houston, forcing America’s Team to share eyeballs and ears in its own hometown with the other team from Texas.”

The Texans and Cowboys may be in different conferences, but the rivalry is huge amongst the fans. Houston would love nothing more than to watch Tony Romo lead them to a Super Bowl, all while looking over their shoulders and shouting “Thank You” to Jerry Jones. On the other hand, Cowboys fans would be left shaking their heads if after a decade of leading the Boys into battle, the cross state Texans get the last laugh.

That is something Jerry Jones would never be able to tolerate.

Ego can be a terrible thing in sports, but unless Houston makes an insane offer for Romo, look for Jones to deal him elsewhere.

So does all of this mean Romo is destined for Denver? It would seem that way, but you just never know. Sometimes just when you think you have a trade figured out, the player ends up somewhere no one ever would have guessed.

How about Romo to the Carolina Panthers?

According to reports from the Gospel Herald, the Panthers may have interest in trading for the veteran QB. The reason that the Panthers would be interested in Romo? Tony could help mentor Panthers QB Cam Newton. This rumor doesn’t seem to have too much steam behind it, though, just for the sheer fact that Romo has made it clear that he wants to head to a team that needs a starting quarterback – and Carolina isn’t that place.

Where will Tony Romo end up after all of the smoke clears? That is the million dollar question.

romo broncos rumors
Will Tony Romo remain in Dallas? [Image by Tom Pennington/Getty Images]

As of March 20, the odds still favor the Denver Broncos, however, the two-team race which once was believed to be between the Broncos and Texans is now down to the Broncos and Cowboys – at least according to Vegas odds makers.

After all of the hype and Romo trade rumors, is it possible that Romo is staying in Dallas with the Cowboys? You can never say never when it comes to Jerry Jones.

The NFL holds their annual league meeting next week from March 26 – 29, with the NFL Draft coming on April 27. If no move for Romo is made before then, look for Jerry Jones to pull off a deal at the 2017 NFL Draft. While no one knows the Dallas Cowboys offense better than Tony Romo, paying him over $10 million to be the backup in 2017 just isn’t going to happen.

[Featured Image by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]