‘The Walking Dead’ – Is Sasha Next Walker Encased In Metal On Saviors’ Fence? [Opinion]

The Walking Dead has spent a good deal of time on the walkers getting pinned on the Saviors’ fence as a way of warding off strangers. A previous episode of The Walking Dead actually featured Eugene coming up with a solution for keeping the walkers that are chained to the fence from falling apart as their bodies decomposed. The sniveling mastermind came up with the strategy of covering them in molted metal.

The Walking Dead has a habit of detailing things at length that don’t seem to mean much at the time, only to find out later down the line that viewers had to know this in order to make a scene work. With that said, when the viewers get their next glimpse of Sasha, will she be one of the walkers covered in metal and pinned to the fence as a warning to Rick and his crew? This would be almost as shocking as when Hershel’s barn opened up and Carol’s daughter, Sophia, hobbled out as a walker.

Another surprise that might come along is that Richard, yes dead Richard, pops out alive in time to fight the Saviors. This could be the case if Morgan’s killing of Richard was staged. Yes, you saw him take the knife and pierce the back of his head and yes, you saw a scene where it looked as if Morgan was burying him. With that said, one can’t help thinking back to Richard’s words to Morgan about making the Saviors believe they can trust him. This deed did just that.

So why would the fans see Morgan go through all the motions of using the knife on Richard without anyone else around? Why would Morgan continue on with this ploy by dragging Richard to a grave if it was only for the Saviors benefit and they were long gone by then? Those Saviors are cunning and they probably left someone behind to see if the King and Morgan’s crew were up to no good or telling the truth.

The scene with the knife going into the back of Richard’s head could have been easily faked at that distance it was viewed from. That burial could have gone on until night fell when Morgan and Richard felt the Saviors were probably gone by then, even if they did hang around for some proof that Richard was indeed dead. By using a flashback, The Walking Dead could even show Richard buried alive for a few hours and breathing from a hose as one or two of the Saviors watched from a concealed location to make sure Morgan was on the up and up.

The Heavy suggests that Morgan was following Richard’s own plan and by killing Richard, Morgan was showing the Saviors that he was on their side. As The Heavy states, “there’s no better way to show the Saviors you’re on their side than by killing one of your own.” They believe that Richard was killed and Morgan did this as part of Richard’s own plan.

They also suggest that Morgan could rationally kill Richard because Richard already had a plan of being killed by the Saviors over the one missing melon, but instead it got Benjamin killed. When Morgan found out that Richard hadn’t told the King about what he had done with that melon, he was able to kill him, suggests The Heavy.

Still, from what the fans know of Morgan, it is hard to imagine that he could pull something from deep inside that would allow him to kill anyone, even Richard because he caused Benjamin’s death. That is so against the grain of Morgan.

So what is The Walking Dead going to look like for the next few episodes leading up to the season finale? Will Sasha become a molten metal-covered fence walker? Will Richard emerge alive in time to fight the Saviors? If both were to come true, this would really make or a jaw-dropping season finale for The Walking Dead.

[Featured Image by Felipe Dana/AP Images]