Tomi Lahren’s Pro-Choice, But Is She Being Punished For It? [Opinion]

Tomi Lahren, a popular right-wing political pundit, declared a few days ago that she’s pro-choice, which may be something she regrets doing now, because word is that she’s been put on leave by her employer the Blaze. Also, many of Tomi’s conservative “allies” simply can’t handle her pro-choice stance.

Glenn Beck, who is Tomi Lahren’s boss, has made it clear he disagrees with her support for abortion rights, saying on his radio show that he believes Lahren is battling her own “intellectual honesty.”

Glenn Beck is Tomi Lahren's boss

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and the abortion debate, although sensitive and at times inflammatory, is largely a matter of opinion to us mere civilians. However, in Lahren’s situation, it goes deeper than that.

Daily Caller reported that Tomi’s show on the Blaze will be suspended for one week, but that is just one of the problems the blonde 24 year old Republican is currently facing professionally. When she declared her pro-choice stance on the daytime talk show The View, several of her colleagues at the Blaze felt betrayed because Lahren essentially proclaimed them to be hypocrites.

You see, Tomi Lahren, like many right-wingers, is an advocate for limited government. In short, she believes that as long as she is a law-abiding citizen, the system should leave her well enough alone. As such, she said on The View that she doesn’t want to look like a hypocrite by claiming to be pro-life and at the same time wanting the government to stay out of citizens’ business. Pro-lifers want abortion to be outlawed, which would grant higher-ups control over the bodies of women who have conceived, hence not the practice of a limited governmental system.

Lahren, despite all the backlash she is receiving, has a very valid point in this argument, and such is the case when people are threatened with a truth they’d rather not have to confront, they get uncomfortable and react with anger at the truthsayer.

It’s contradictory to want the government to stay out of peoples’ lives while at the same time wanting them to have authority over a pregnant woman’s life. It doesn’t mean a person is wrong for having these beliefs, it just means they hold values that oppose one another, and Tomi Lahren happens to see this inconsistency as a practice in hypocrisy.

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Why the labels? Pro-life. Pro-choice. Conservative. Liberal. Labels are partly why Tomi is getting such heat for expressing her opinion on abortion. She’s labeled as a conservative, and conservatives such as she aren’t supposed to be pro-choice.

Fine, so then maybe she’s not conservative. So what?

Well, she works for the Blaze, a conservative friendly outlet, so how can they employ someone who’s pro-choice, like Lahren?

I don’t know. Maybe because she’s smart and, like her view on abortion has shown, she can propose thought-provoking arguments.

It’s a popular mistaken belief that pro-choice automatically means pro-abortion, but it’s not. How would I know? Because I used to be pro-life. My mind was not changed because I feared being called a hypocrite, but rather because a heartbreaking true story got my attention one day as I browsed an online mom forum.

A woman had gone in for her 20 week ultrasound, which is the appointment when the baby’s sex is discovered. It’s usually very exciting, but not in this case. The husband and wife were given devastating news that day. Their baby wasn’t properly growing a brain. He or she only had the brain stem, and at that point there should have been more. Horrifically, the presence of the brain stem allowed the mother to feel the child kicking.

Was this woman supposed to go full term with her baby who was already sentenced to death, feeling her child moving inside her every day until she gave birth to its lifeless body?

I’m sure you know what this woman did. She aborted her child, and I can’t think of a single better reason for abortion not to be outlawed. Do I agree that abortion should be available at any time during pregnancy? No. In fact, I don’t believe abortion should be available except for in cases such as the one just described. But, because of this, I’m not pro-life, because I believe situations exist in which abortion is warranted. That doesn’t make me pro-abortion.

It’s a painful truth, but one that Tomi Lahren understands, which she highlights in a rant from January about radical feminist Lena Dunham. Conservatives are presently throwing the following video in Lahren’s face, as what she says then compared to what she just said about abortion seems to paint Tomi as the hypocrite.

Lahren shouldn’t be shot down for being pro-choice. If you want to let her have it for seemingly turning against her co-workers during her time on The View, fine, but sometimes a person’s political stance involves more than meets the eye.

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