‘Street Fighter V’ Balance Changes: Capcom’s Attempt To Make Every Fighter Viable [Opinion]

By now, you’ve had the chance to test out the latest build for each character in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V got off to a rocky start. It’s not hard to see that there had to be improvements, and Capcom has been relatively quick in making good on their promise to give the fans what they want. This has included new characters, new stages, new costumes, colors, and a plethora of DLC that fighting game enthusiasts have drooled over. The biggest addition, however, lies in the fact that characters are getting readjusted and “balanced” left and right.

It’s not as if some of the cast in Street Fighter V wasn’t in need of a change. Rainbow Mika, the queen of guessing games, was due for an adjustment. Of course, she’s no vanilla Street Fighter IV Sagat. Still, the fact that two incorrect guesses could cost someone a round was an unfair advantage. Characters like F.A.N.G. struggle to make it out on top, while Urien dominates the masses with his many advantages. In a report by Eventhubs, it’s been noted that Urien and other characters have been adjusted for balance.

In case you’re not familiar with Street Fighter V and how the changes work, there are characters who have been toned down, while others have received improvements. Perhaps the most desired of these nerfs was with Urien. Players who use him will have to be smarter in situations, but the nearly naked brawler still appears to hit hard. I’m not against a character being powerful. However, a character who takes little risk for the greatest reward should never be present. In a report by Kotaku, however, it’s shown that even a powerful character like Urien can be taken down with proper technique.

In every game, there appears to be a certain tier of characters that are chosen over the rest. This doesn’t just go for fighting games. It can be a specific gun in a first person shooter, a special vehicle in a racing game, or a character that grants a better bonus in a majority of any given situation. Is Capcom truly capable of producing changes that will eventually ensure that it doesn’t fall prey to the same fate?

Beyond specific character changes, there’s also the matter of how the Dragon Punch technique in Street Fighter V works. Part of the balance changes that have taken place have been heavily in scrutiny of the Shoryuken. While Capcom originally didn’t want them as powerful as their Street Fighter IV counterparts, they’ve decided to change how the Shoryuken works again. The move is mostly used to discourage jumping in from opponents, but the confusion of their effectiveness lies in Capcom’s decision to change their properties to this extent.

Ultimately, we’re looking at changes that may or may not be needed. As with all things, time will tell. Capcom continues to support the journey through the Capcom Pro Tour, and it appears safe to say that they won’t be making changes to the extent that fighting game players will need to relearn their characters in the middle of the season. Still, Street Fighter V has a long way to go before it reaches a point where every character is just as viable as another. Of course, this is a matter of speculation. Hopefully, Capcom will ensure that the general opinion is that every change will be for the better.

What are your thoughts on the balance changes that have come from Capcom in regards to Street Fighter V? Do you believe that the patch changes have made characters more viable? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Featured Image By Capcom]