Legends Of Tomorrow: Will Amaya Create A Time Aberration? [Opinion]

As noted by Comicbook, last week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow ended with Amaya delving into the fate of her village and her granddaughter, despite the warnings by the Waverider’s computer Gideon that interfering with her own past was a no-no. But will she do more than just look at the past? Will Amaya create a time aberration by finding a way to save her granddaughter?

During last season – back when Rip Hunter was actually running things himself – creating time aberrations was absolutely against the rules. Even without the influence of the Time Masters, Rip and company were fully committed to protecting the timeline him any changes. They didn’t always succeed perfectly, but they always tried.

Even when Sarah Lance became the de facto captain of the ship following Hunter’s disappearance, she generally followed the dictate that it was unacceptable to alter history – even if it would have been something like changing the fate of her own sister Laurel.

This was actually a bit surprising for viewers however, given that only a few episodes before Sara had been hell-bent on killing Damien Darhk to both avenge her sister’s death and prevent that death by changing the timeline that led to it. Apparently, Sara had a quick change of heart.

Over on The Flash, the consequences of meddling with the timeline for one’s own benefit have been made clear many times. At the beginning of this season, Barry was forced to deal with the disastrous timeline he created in Flashpoint when he tried to save his mother and father. And even since then, problems resulting from what he did keep cropping up.

However, in recent episodes of Legends of Tomorrow this tried-and-true set of rules has become – apparently – much more flexible. For instance, the team eventually learned that Professor Stein unintentionally created an aberration in which he found himself having a previously nonexistent daughter. But for whatever reason, the team let this one slide.

And just last week, while they were tracking down part of the Spear of Destiny while interacting with the crew of Apollo 13, the team created an entirely different outcome from what we all remember from Ron Howard’s epic Apollo 13 movie. Instead of three crew members making it back, only two did.

In addition, the Apollo spacecraft itself wasn’t nearly blown apart on its way to and from the moon. In the past, what the team would have done in a situation like this was to go back and reset everything so it didn’t turn out differently than it was supposed to. But this time, they just brushed their hands and moved on.

All this is relevant to Amaya and her situation because – following these events – the team is in no position to criticize her for anything she might do to save her family or her village. In the end, it might just come down to whether Amaya herself is comfortable making such changes to the timeline.

On the other hand, it would be fairly hypocritical of her to do this, given the fact she had just moments before prevented Nate from doing almost exactly the same thing by returning his grandfather to the past. It may be that in the very next episode, she’ll consider changing the past but decide not to do it. On the third hand, she may throw caution to the wind.

How Legends of Tomorrow will handle Amaya doing this – if she does – is still an open question. Given all of the time aberrations that the various characters will have created this season, will the producers of the show simply decide to entirely toss the idea of protecting the timeline? Or, are they planning a huge finale in which all of these mistakes get fixed?

[Featured Image by The CW]