iPad Pro 2: How Apple’s Four-Pronged Approach Could Rekindle The Tablet Market This 2017 [Opinion]

Rumors are high that the iPad Pro 2 series would be launched this coming week by the Cupertino-based tech giant. While the details about the iconic tablet’s launch remain unknown, speculations are high that Apple is preparing to unveil four new iPads for 2017, including a new, 10.5-inch version as well as a 9.7-inch low-cost, entry-level variant.

A Forbes report has outlined what might be Apple’s strategy for its tablets this 2017, including, but not limited to, the release of four iPad variants. According to the report, Apple is preparing to unveil a 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2, a 10.5-inch iPad Pro, and a 9.7-inch iPad Pro sometime this coming week. Apart from these three devices, however, rumors are also high that Apple is preparing to unveil a 9.7-inch budget iPad that would be targeted at the entry-level market.

Such as strategy has not been done by Apple since the first iteration of the tablet itself was launched back in 2010. Thus, it appears that contrary to the tech giant’s reputation, it appears to be preparing to dip its feet into uncharted territory. While unconventional, Apple’s strategy might actually work in the company’s favor, and it might very well usher in a new wave of interest in tablet devices.

Tablet devices are on a decline. This is partly due to the increasing prominence of phablets, as well as the fact that tablet users do not upgrade their devices as often as flagship phone users. Even the most iconic tablet in the market, Apple’s iPad, was not spared, as the device’s sales have largely been on a decline over the years.

This year, however, it appears that Apple is set to ensure that the tablet market becomes relevant again. If rumors are true and Apple is indeed getting ready to release a 9.7-inch entry-level iPad, the device would most likely be among the most attractive tablets in the market. After all, the device’s rumored price, speculated at just $299, is unprecedented for an Apple tablet.

Even if Apple’s low-cost 9.7-inch iPad does not get released with the latest specs, there is a good chance that the device would manage to get the attention of consumers nonetheless. After all, the upcoming device’s $299 price would still be significantly lower than the aging iPad Air 2’s $399 asking price, thereby making it an attractive purchase for consumers who are looking for a capable tablet computer.

Apple’s upcoming 10.5-inch iPad Pro is also notable, considering that the device would be debuting an entirely new design with a completely new screen size. If rumors are to be believed about the upcoming device, the 10.5-inch iPad Pro would also mirror several design cues that would be found in the upcoming iPhone 8/iPhone Edition, which is speculated for release sometime this September, according to MacRumors.

Among these rumored new features is a design that drastically slims down the tablet’s bezels, enabling the 10.5-inch iPad Pro to feature a frame similar in size to that of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Apart from his, embedded sensors and features like 3D Touch are also expected to debut on the upcoming device.

With the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro getting refreshed and two new iPad variants being introduced, Apple might very well spark a new wave of interest in tablet devices. After all, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro 2 and the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro would be geared towards power users who are focused on productivity tasks. On the other hand, the low-cost 9.7-inch iPad Pro might very well be the device that could put Apple on them the map for a very wide demographic. With this approach, Apple might very well make the iPad relevant again.

[Featured Image by Stephen Lam/Getty Images]