‘Arrow’ Team Dynamics: Should The Hit DC Show Kill Off Mister Terrific? [Opinion]

While most viewers believe that Arrow has significantly improved over last season, when it seemed to go off the rails entirely, there are still aspects of the show that some people think could be improved. One of these has to do with Curtis Holt – a.k.a. Mister Terrific. As noted by TV Line, some viewers have seen Mister Terrific as a tremendous disappointment; and some would even like to see him killed off. But is this really a good idea?

Curtis Holt on Arrow

When we first saw Curtis Holt on Arrow, he was nothing more than a high-tech science geek that Felicity turned to when she had a technical problem she couldn’t solve herself. But during last season, we saw him gradually get integrated into the secrets of the Arrow team, ultimately performing a similar function to that of Cisco over on The Flash.

Mr Terrific and the Vigilante.

Throughout this season, Oliver Queen has been attempting to train his new team of crime fighting vigilantes so they can fill-in and back him up. While Curtis ended up on this squad early on, his performance for most of the season has been lackluster, to say the very least. For a while, it seemed as though it was impossible for Mister Terrific to enter into a fight with anyone and actually win it.

In one episode, we see him taken prisoner by the Vigilante and sitting on his knees with a gun to his head. In another, Prometheus attacks him on the steps of a building he’s exiting and thoroughly kicks his butt. Curtis lands in the hospital seriously injured and Prometheus gets away.

Mister Terrific in the Comic Books

The interesting thing is that the character of Mister Terrific in the comic books is one of the coolest, smartest, and most effective superheroes the DC has. Not only is he a genius, he’s incredibly rich and highly trained in physical combat. While not on the level of a Batman when it comes to hand-to-hand fighting, he shouldn’t be this easy to defeat.

Of course, the DC universe on the CW has taken some liberties with the characters when transferring them from comic books to television. The Green Arrow himself bears a far greater resemblance to Batman than he does the Oliver Queen of the comics. The Green Arrow of the comics is less a brooding vigilante than an environmentalist and social activist.

Several other comic book characters have also been changed for the CW shows, while entirely new ones have also been introduced, such as Diggle on The Flash. In fact, some of these latter characters like Diggle have made the jump from the shows back to the comics.

So it’s a fairly synergistic process. At the same time, viewers were expecting a lot from Mister Terrific when they realized he would ultimately be on the show, and many of those people were disappointed by what they got.

However, it also has to be pointed out that in the last few episodes of Arrow, we are finally beginning to see the Mister Terrific we always wanted to have on the show. For instance, his semi-magical, high-tech T Spheres finally seem to be fully operational. With them, Holt has become an asset in the field – rather than a liability to the team.

So should Mister Terrific be killed off? While it’s too early to say this point, it seems as though the writers and producers of the show have finally recognized the need for change with this character, and it would be a shame to kill him off just when he’s starting to get good.

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