Melania Trump Admirers Pounce On News Anchor For Vulgar Comment [Opinion]

Who needs Donald Trump’s Twitter retaliation? Apparently not Melania Trump, as Twitter users prove they are watching over her by pouncing on the man who made the latest vulgar comment about America’s first lady. As soon as investigative reporter David Cay Johnston rolled off a nasty comment about Melania Trump, Twitter lit up and went after him.

The Pulitzer Prize winning reporter knocked himself down several notches in the eyes of the viewers during his interview on The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC this week. During the conversation he blurted out a very disturbing critique of Melania Trump’s past career as a model. Rachel Maddow just happened to be on the panel as Johnston offered up that bit of nastiness about Melania Trump and she cut him off.

It didn’t seem like a very productive week for MSNBC as far as delivering information that people actually cared about. Johnston also happens to be the same reporter who gave MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow a copy of Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return.

With Trump’s tax return in hand, Maddow put on quite the show Tuesday night from the time she tweeted the news of what she had in her possession at 7:36 p.m. until 9 p.m. when the grand reveal was made. Viewers needed to wait 84 minutes for this reveal. As Maddow teased the reveal on air she bobbed and weaved, grinned like the Cheshire Cat and hyped up that tax return to the point where even her colleagues from other news stations were getting tired of the wait.

One anchor even tweeted Maddow and asked her to get on with it. Bob Ley, who is an anchor at ESPN, tweeted Maddow and asked her to please “tell us” what she had with her promised tax return reveal, which is seen in the tweet below.

Even if you didn’t really care about Trump’s tax returns, which is a stand many in the nation have taken today, you probably won’t forget Maddow’s drawn-out introduction to that sacred piece of evidence, or so she thought. Just watching her waving that piece of paper in her hand while making that cunning facial expression was the most entertaining spot on TV this week.

Melania Trump has Twitter users ready to jump to her defense

Maddow had talked up the reveal of Trump’s tax return with all the hype just like she was Geraldo Rivera about to open Al Capone’s safe, but much like Rivera’s event, she came up empty. The tax return just offered up evidence that Trump paid a higher tax rate back in 2005 than Barack Obama did in 2015, Bernie Sanders in 2014, and the average yearly rate for Comcast. In other words, it painted Trump in a good light. You can see the different rates below in a tweet.

The very disturbing and flippant remark about Melania Trump came from Johnston while he was discussing that tax return with Maddow and O’Donnell on the show. O’Donnell pointed out the line of Tump’s tax return that contained his wages and salary income. O’Donnell commented that this was “unusual for someone in his case,” according to AOL News.

Johnston then offered up a possible alternative reason for the wage and salary line, saying to O’Donnell, “Could be hers. His wife was a model.”

O’Donnell answered back, “Right.” It was then that O’Donnell added that even though Melania is listed on the return “she was never at that league,” which seemed to be his critique of Melania’s past modeling career. He apparently saw the money amount listed on that line as way too much money for Melania to take in for the level she reached during her career.

Johnston interrupted the conversation to add that Melania Trump, “did do very sleazy pictures.” As soon as those words came out of his mouth, Rachael Maddow quickly cut off Johnston. It was too late, the Twitter world was tweeting their fury over what he said about Melania. Johnston released a statement saying, “My remark was accurate but out of place in that conversation.” He also added in his statement how “Rachel appropriately reproved me for my brief remark, which I instantly realized was not appropriate in the context of that conversation.”

This was far from an apology to Melania. He is basically saying it was the wrong time and place for making that Melania comment. It wasn’t hard for the Twitter users to read through the lines. Another bit of news coming out of Johnston’s cruel Melania remark is something observed by another news website.

MRC is reporting that there wasn’t much mention that Johnston is a contributor to The Daily Beast and New York Times. He is also “authoring an anti-Trump book and he’s known for his “thousands of tweets attacking Trump and the right. They suggest that there is no surprise that “the media is ignoring something salacious and slanderous Johnston said about the first lady last night on MSNBC.” Johnston appeared on several news shows this week after that horrific Melania comment and no one asked him about it, reports MRC.

The folks who jumped on Twitter didn’t let Johnston off the hook, one Twitter user calls Johnston’s statement about Melania Trump “the low point of MSNBC coverage.” Another Twitter user was furious over what they had just heard from Johnston. They tweeted, “Did David Cay Johnston just attempt to slut shame Melania in an aside about Trump’s tax returns? Rachel Maddow shot a, “Hey, hey, hey…” Many of the tweets had some choice names for Johnson, like “SOB.”

Rachael Maddow’s 84-minute promise Tuesday night of Trump’s tax return reveal did gather her a huge audience, which was probably why she got the word out and waited so long to reveal her “big find.” She was probably hoping the word would get around and then all eyes would be on her. While it worked for that one night, Maddow apparently didn’t consider the consequences in the future after conjuring up all this hype over nothing. The future consequences came the following night, as her ratings did plummet, according to Fox Insider.

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