Critics Of Netflix’s ‘Iron Fist’ Clearly Never Read The Comic Book At All [Opinion]

Netflix released the highly anticipated Iron Fist on Friday with many fans loving how true they stayed to the comic, while many critics showed their ignorance when criticizing the show for the dumbest reasons imaginable. Iron Fist was part of the Defenders in Marvel Comics. They may not be the most well known team in Marvel, but they got stuff done and were pretty popular for a time.

When X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Avengers were at the height of their popularity years ago in the comic series the Defenders were not too far behind. In fact, they used some of the original and later members of those teams in their group at one time or another. Netflix knew that they had an entire universe to play with after Daredevil took off, so they decided to connect things to do a team-up show.

This led them to introducing Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, even The Punisher and Elecktra to fight alongside Daredevil. Iron Fist was the last Defender they needed to make the team, but he had to be introduced to the universe before he could join. Luke Cage and Iron Fist were good friends in the comics and it is likely they show up in each other’s universe off and on after the Defenders concludes.

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The new Iron Fist series would allow us to know more about The Hand, a group that the Defenders will end up going after. Iron Fist is the most important player in all of this, as it is his sworn oath to destroy it. He will need help, which we will realize as he progresses in the Iron Fist series. The series has been hated on by several critics who seem to not understand what is going on.

In fact, the show has been attacked for “white-washing,” mostly when it comes to Danny Rand/Iron Fist who is played by English actor Finn Jones. The stupidity in this really holds no bounds. When people are told he is white in the comics too, similar critics say that Netflix had the ability to change this by casting an Asian actor to play the part. The stupidity in this is also extreme.

The entire point of the Iron Fist comic is that Danny Rand is not like the others in K’un Lun, most of which were Asian. He had to earn the Iron Fist title and ability and had to work harder to get it because of the fact that he was not like the others. He fits into the New York society as someone people once knew as a boy, of whom died in a plane crash along with his family. Instead of this, Danny is picked up after the crash by Monks who then take him to the heavenly fortress known as K’un Lun.

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The portal to this place happened to be open at the time of the crash it seems, but it only opens every fifteen years. This led to him not being able to return home for that amount of time at least. Eventually, he is trained by the monks and trainers of K’un Lun. It was here where he grew up and learned to fight. He had to master all martial arts taught here, which makes him a fight master. As the Iron Fist, he can rely on being a weapon, but Danny has to be able to fight without it too. This is a major part of the series that is very important.

Danny would challenge and be challenged, resulting in him having to win all the time. Eventually, after numerous challenges from his master Lei Kung, he would bestow the Iron Fist ability on him. This put him in a long line of Iron Fist men whose main job was to protect K’un Lun from outsiders, and of course, destroy The Hand. The Iron Fist was a weapon that allowed Danny to punch through any object or person, it also has some other cool abilities you’ll see in the series.

The series tells the story the comic book has. It is literally ripped from the pages and put into live action, giving us a real life comic book playing out. The fighting is amazing and the character is played brilliantly by Finn Jones. Iron Fist was a boy when he was taken in by the monks and did not live life knowing the dangers of things outside K’un Lun. This basically made him gullible in many ways and unknowing of the problems with people socially.

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This is why Danny Rand is the way he is in the Iron Fist series. We may all see things as obviously bad, but imagine a boy who has lived fifteen years not being in the real world knowing how bad people are and can be. This is Danny Rand. He does not know how to handle women or people in general and has to learn about this along the way. The character is told brilliantly by the Netflix series that keeps Danny Rand true to who he is, and it truly embodies what the comic version of Iron Fist ended up becoming.

If he was told differently by Netflix, it would not be Iron Fist. Fans of the Iron Fist comic books want the true character, flaws and all. If those are not there, fans might feel cheated in not seeing what is true and not what critics who do not know Iron Fist apparently want. Fans what is real, not what society wants something to be. There are a lot of things that may need to be changed or updated in this world, but changing comics to fit a liberal or conservative initiative is not one of them.

The fight scenes in the show have been great and the story is absolutely compelling, especially for fans of Daredevil and other comic television shows. If you do not like those, there is a good shot you won’t like this. However, if you do you will most likely find it to be great and you may very well find yourself loving Iron Fist by the end of the series if you do not before then.

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