‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Ep 14: Characters Who Will Die During The War Against Negan [Opinion]

The Walking Dead Season 7 is finally marching to war. The show’s executive producers have confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that Episode 14 will kick things off and and their foot will be on the gas from that point forward. If you’re a Walking Dead fan you know that means non-stop action, cracked skulls, disembowelments and the like- until the season finale.

It also means that your favorite character could die.

Fans of Glenn and Abraham know this all too well. So to prepare you for the mourning period that inevitable comes when your favorite character dies, I’ve put together a list of Walking Dead characters that will most likely die this season when the war against Negan gets started. This is based on clues from the show so far and hints from the actors and producers from interviews.

Warning, this post contains spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7. If you’re not caught up with the latest episode, retreat right this minute!

Let’s take a look at the characters whose time on the show could be almost up.


Sasha is on the top of this list for a couple of reasons. In Episode 12, she committed to going on a suicide mission with Rosita to kill Negan on their own with a long-distance rifle. Given the scope of Negan’s power and malevolence, that’s a clear setup for a character death if there ever was one. In the previews for Episode 14, she’s seen giving what sounds like a final farewell to Enid before leaving to pursue Negan. This could also be interpreted as a sign to the audience that this episode will be the character’s last.

What’s more, the actress who plays Sasha, Sonequa Martin-Green, has been cast in the lead role on CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery, so dividing her time between that role and The Walking Dead could become an issue. So Sasha will most likely axed, or maybe “Lucilled.” Let’s hope not on that last part. The image of Glenn’s bloody eye bulging out is still stuck in my head.

Here’s what Sonequa Martin-Green told the Hollywood Reporter about her Sasha and Rosita’s chances of surviving Season 7 and their mission to kill Negan.

“I think any duo paired up in our gang of heroes could succeed for sure. We’ve developed to this point where that kind of thing is possible.”

She sounds very optimistic but that could just be to throw us off the scent of the impending loss of Sasha.


Since The Walking Dead Season 7 started with surprise deaths of two longtime characters, I wouldn’t be surprised if they bookend it with another two death sequence.

Rosita has been courting death ever since Abraham was killed. She’s the one who has been most annoyed by the survivor’s reluctance to go to war and has tried to get things started on her own on more than one occasion. The show may just reward her quest for martyrdom with a cracked skull.

Father Gabriel

Father Gabriel has had one of the biggest character development arcs out of any of the secondary characters on the show. He’s gone from being a coward who sacrificed the lives of his parishioner because he was afraid to someone who is willing to step in and fight when he was needed. It would be a fitting end for him to sacrifice his life to save his friends during the war against Negan.

I have a feeling though that his death may not happen this season but might take place when the war continues in Season 8


Eugene is vulnerable because he is currently living in enemy territory. His death is less likely because he is currently seen as an asset because of his ability to make bullets. He’s also proven himself valuable in solving some of the problems the Saviors have around the Sanctuary, for example his suggestion to cast the Walker guards’ heads in metal so that they don’t disintegrate.

But if for some reason Negan decides he’s expendable then it’s bye bye to Eugene and his mullet.

Which character from The Walking Dead won’t make it past season 7. Let us know your predictions in he comments below.


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