WWE Shouldn’t Fire Paige For Nude Photo Leak, And Fans Should Respect Her Privacy [Opinion]

WWE Superstar Paige’s nude photo and video leak has been one of the hottest topics among wrestling fans over the past few days. But we may have reached a point where fans are paying too much attention to a sensitive topic that the woman herself would like to put behind her as soon as possible.

For those who aren’t aware of what’s been going on since Friday, former WWE Divas Champion Paige was affected by what appears to be a similar hack to the recent nude photo leaks involving actresses Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson. According to PWMania, this caused a frenzy on both Reddit and Twitter, as users posted several nude photos and video clips purportedly belonging to the 24-year-old English wrestler.

Specifically, the photos and videos allegedly show Paige in sex tapes made with her then-boyfriend, former WWE Superstar Brad Maddox, with one of the videos including the couple in a threesome with a current Superstar, Xavier Woods of The New Day. Paige is engaged at the present to WWE alumnus Alberto Del Rio, who now competes for Impact Wrestling under the name Alberto El Patron.

As a result of the recent Paige nude photo leaks, many have been wondering whether WWE would fire her over something that, as you can see above, is clearly not her fault. The above tweets suggest that a good percentage of the WWE Universe believes she shouldn’t be punished, especially considering Seth Rollins’ 2016 nude photo leak and announcer Tom Phillips’ more recent sexting scandal.

But as you can see, there are others, such as podcast host Don Tony, who believe Paige should be fired over the leaks, which, as the Inquisitr reported earlier today, include her allegedly striking a disrespectful pose with the NXT Championship belt she had once held. Right. And you think WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels’ Playgirl photo shoot from the ’90s with the WWF Championship belt covering his private parts wasn’t disrespectful? For this writer, it just reeks of double standards.

It’s that simple — Seth Rollins wasn’t fired when his ex-fiancee allegedly leaked his nude photos, as well as those of his supposed mistress at that time, now-former NXT wrestler Zahra Schreiber. In fact, he remains one of Monday Night RAW‘s top stars.

Tom Phillips didn’t get axed either for the sexting/online affair controversy, and he remains part of the SmackDown Live announce team. WWE didn’t punish those men for their arguable PR blunders borne out of their own carelessness (Rollins’ ex-fiancee reportedly had access to his phone, while Phillips had just posted an engagement video online), so why should it punish Paige, or even worse, fire her for what appears to be the work of a hacking crew? That’s pretty much what Fansided had to say on the matter in a recent blog post.

“This was private material that was always meant to stay private. Someone illegally stole it from her and then posted it online. Paige shouldn’t be blamed for this in any manner. Again, she is merely the victim in this unfortunate situation.”

Then you’ve also got those memes mocking Paige and her nude photo leak and adding innuendo to her purported actions with two male WWE colleagues at the time. What you see above is a tamer example of those memes, but some of them have been outright tantamount to slut-shaming. Heck, some had even replied to her Twitter statement on the hack, commenting that the “pics were nice.” If this is what two adults in a relationship and one of their friends liked to do in their free time, should we make sport of it on the internet? Absolutely not!

I mean, come on, WWE Universe. WrestleMania 33 is coming soon, and here you are on Reddit and other sites, looking for Paige’s nude photos and videos, and speculating on how she may have “gotten around” pre-Alberto Del Rio/El Patron? At the risk of sounding like one of those so-called “social justice warriors,” it’s just not cool, and to suggest she be fired for this leak, and even for the alleged pose with the NXT Women’s Championship belt, is outrageous. What wrestlers do in their off-time should not be our business, and the least a famous woman involved in a nude photo or video leak can ask for is her privacy.

With that all said, it’s time we stop making a big deal about Paige’s nude photo/video leak, how WWE may or may not punish her for it, and what Paige may have been up to with Xavier Woods and Brad Maddox. Rather, it’s time that we let her recover from this controversy, and respect her privacy during this trying time.

[Featured Image by WWE]