Barron Trump Strolls White House Lawn — It Replaces His View Of Clouds Come June [Opinion]

Barron Trump looked handsome strolling across the White House lawn in a rare appearance on Friday with his mom and dad, Melania and Donald Trump. The 10-year-old has lived in a home above the clouds for a good portion of his life, so living on the ground level with plenty of green grass taking the place of the pavement in the city will be a different view for Barron.

Of course the Trumps’ Florida home has plenty of green lawn to offer Barron, but the White House will offer so much more for a lad Barron’s age than lawns for a view. Barron is moving into the most historic house in the country, which will certainly give him the edge when it comes to his future history classes. This puts him one-up on his future classmates, as he can say that he’s living within the historic walls when learning about the White House in school.

Barron and His Parents Stroll Across The White House Lawn

Barron, who was dressed in a very collegian-looking navy blue blazer, mirrored the color of his father’s suit. Both Barron and Donald Trump sported white collars and with Melania’s bright red coat, the trio were looking very patriotic in their red, white, and blue. Barron appears to have grown taller since attending his father’s inauguration. He looks much older than his years because of his tall slender build.

These latest pictures show Donald, Melania, and Barron making their way to the Marine One helicopter across the White House lawn. Barron and his parents were seen walking the grounds on Friday at the start of their Florida journey, reports Us Weekly. They were then transported away by helicopter for the first leg of their trip to their Mar-a-Lago home, which some have deemed the Florida White House.

The news of Melania deciding to move herself and Barron into the White House in June was a pleasant surprise for many Americans this week. According to reports, a school in D.C. is already picked out for Barron to attend in the fall when the school calendar year starts back up. Seeing Melania and Barron walking along the White House lawn with Donald Trump offers up an image of the way things should be. Now with Melania’s decision to move to Washington in June with Barron, this is just one snapshot of many more to come.

Barron Trump's First Walk Across White House Lawn

Maybe Melania is realizing how the admiration for her as a first lady far outweighs the disparaging remarks thrown her way since stepping into this role? Could this be the reason she’s confident enough today to seal her future plans of moving to D.C. with Barron once his school year is out?

No one can blame Melania for being apprehensive about moving into the White House after the polarized welcoming she got from the people throughout the nation. When Donald Trump was first elected the president of the nation, the treatment from the press must have been a rude awakening for Melania. Instead of feeling it was an honor to be the first lady, it must have felt like a harrowing task with all the nastiness that was thrown her way.

Times have changed and more and more people are embracing Donald Trump’s vision for the future of this country, but there’s still a ways to go. Melania Trump continues to win over many of the critics each time she is seen in public. Unlike her husband, Melania doesn’t retaliate against those who criticize her by biting back. She holds her head high and continues on her way, showing America that she is one classy first lady. To be fair, Donald Trump warned his critics while still on the campaign trail that he won’t bite first, but he will bite harder once someone verbally attacks him. Most would agree that Trump was true to his word with this statement.

[Featured Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]