Why It’s Time to Cancel ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Finally [Opinion]

Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) season 13 episode 1 was a disappointment on many fronts. The return of the new season was hyped with some really enticing trailers. We all expected to watch Kim finally talk about last year’s robbery in Paris. It looked like all the ingredients for a gripping hour of good television were there.

But the episode failed to deliver. It focused on The Dash stores. Who even knew-or cared-that those were still a thing?

So, the ratings showed that the fans are not happy.

According to an article on Unreality TV, KUWTK’s Season 13 premiere brought in 33 percent fewer viewers than than Season 12 premiere. It means that this season’s premiere had 700,000 fewer viewers than last season’s. That’s a huge drop in TV land, so it’s easy to understand why there are rumors that the show may be on the chopping block.

The current ratings drop was also easy to predict when analyzing the current state of the Kardashian brand.

Here are just some of the reasons why the flagship Kardashian reality show needs to be “kancelled.”

We already know everything about them. Do we really need to “keep up” anymore?

Every time a Kardashian does something, it becomes tabloid news. Whether, it’s a new relationship or a new lipstick, we know about it. So when the new season of the show rolls around, there’s a lot of of their lives we’re already familiar with. In the old days it was cute to see the behind the scenes interactions, but we see a lot of that on Instagram stories and Snapchat.

So the show producers have to stretch the high drama events like the aforementioned Paris robbery and Kim’s marital issues with Kanye. This is probably why Season 13 Episode 1 was so lackluster.

The episodes are having trouble keeping up. Meanwhile, people who would have loyally watched the show in the past are happy to digest “Kardashian kontent” via social media platforms or on their favorite sister’s app.

What else can the show talk about? The fire just isn’t there anymore.

We have a new engrossing hit reality show and it’s in the White House.

Who would have thought, KUWTK’s new “kompetition” would come from The President of the United States. As the Huffington Post noted, when Keeping Up premiered almost 10 years ago, George W Bush was president, the Iraq war had been going on for four years and the housing crisis/economic meltdown was just starting to take hold.

A show about an attractive and ever so dysfunctional socialite family was the perfect distraction.

But so much has changed since then. Now an actual reality TV show host is the POTUS and he is sucking up the media attention with his travel bans,border wall, Twitter rants, and weekly ill-advised Mar-A-Lago trips. A reality TV presidency means that keeping up with the Kardashians feels like a frivolous pursuit that the American people can’t afford right now.

It also makes you question the cost of making these reality stars bigger public figures than they actually deserve to be. I mean, you can safely argue that a reality TV show made a man president of one of the biggest democracies in the world. That’s crazy.

Maybe it’s time for the American people to sober up and realize its time to stop drinking the escapism koolaid that these shows offer. Let’s start the healing process by cancelling Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The Kardashian girls just aren’t that into it anymore and it shows

The women of the Kardashian family have used the long running reality show to create mini empires for themselves with Kris Jenner reigning supreme. Kim, the juggernaut, has her apps and other business ventures, Khloe is “writing” books and hosting shows, Kendall is a high fashion model and Kylie has her lip kits. Kourtney is still just Kourtney, but you get the picture. The Kardashian girls have done well for themselves, but it looks like even they are tired of doing the show that made them famous.

Let’s take the one with the biggest career of them all to date, Kim Kardashian.

According to yhe Hollywood Gossip, E! had to give Kim a huge bonus for her to come back for the show’s 13th season. They practically had to bribe her. The reason? She was reluctant to come back to a situation where her every move would be filmed. Yes, Kim Kardashian, the woman whose name has become synonymous with overexposure doesn’t want to be on camera anymore.

Some of that could have to do with PTSD from the harrowing robbery last year, but maybe Kim is just as tired of the show as we are.

This October will mark 10 years since Keeping Up With The Kardashians episodes started airing on the E! Network. Since then, we’ve seen the first family of reality TV go through breakups, pregnancies, divorces, arguments, lots of ugly crying and a gender change.

But all great eras come to an end and KUWTK is no different.

Time to stick a fork in it. It’s done.


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