Donald Trump’s Spying Claims Take Another Turn [Opinion]

President Donald Trump believes in his heart of hearts that he was spied on by the previous administration. A couple of weeks have passed since President Trump took his bold claim to Twitter, yet there is still little proof into his declarations. There was hope in the minds of some that vindication would have been realized by now. During a joint press conference with Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel, the story took another turn.

The meeting between President Donald Trump and Chancellor Angela Merkel got off to a rocky start. According to the Telegrah, Mr. Trump refused to shake Merkel’s hand. With the introductory pleasantries already have gone awry, a true meeting of the minds was already in jeopardy.

Among the known topics of discussion with Mr. Donald Trump and Mrs. Angela Merkel was the status of the United States’ involvement and support of NATO. While campaigning, Mr. Trump constantly stated that the other countries in NATO must pay their share and cover their expenses. Despite his past words, Mr. Trump declared his support for NATO.

“I reiterated to Chancellor Merkel my strong support for Nato as well as the need for our Nato allies to pay their fair share for the cost of defence.”

Mr. Trump has publicly questioned Mrs. Merkel’s stance on allowing Syrian refugees in Germany. Because of his comments, their talk was guaranteed to have some uncomfortable moments. No one could have predicted its beginning. Jointly holding a press conference, all of the tension between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Merkel was on full display.

Donald Trump
President Donald Trump has been unwavering regarding his wiretapping claims. Despite little proof coming out, Mr. Trump's consistency is worth noting. [Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

It was obvious when Mr. Trump spoke of the one thing he believes he has in common with the German chancellor — being spied on. Mrs. Merkel being wiretapped has been known for a while, but for Donald Trump, it is a claim he has yet to prove.

Mr. Trump’s mere mention of being spied on like Mrs. Merkel made his counterpart flinch and look on in disbelief. As she flinched so did we. Curiously, the message was as consistent today as it was a couple of weeks ago. The question has been raised — who could have wiretapped President Trump’s office?

Mr. Trump has vehemently stated that something must be done about his conversations being wiretapped. Mr. Trump’s initial culprit was former President Barack Obama. No proof has surfaced linking Mr. Obama to ordering the wiretaps, leaving Mr. Trump still suspicious.

According to a Fox News analyst Mr. Trump found to be credible, the wiretapping was believed to have been done by President Obama’s administration. Instead of having the wiretapping done by the FBI or CIA, United Kingdom’s GCHQ is who was given the blame for spying (courtesy of CNN) on the United States president.

Those allegations were deemed ridiculous and unrepeatable by senior UK officials. According to a spokesman, a positive relationship remains.

“This shows the administration doesn’t give the allegations any credence. We have a close special relationship with the White House and that allows us to raise concerns as and when they arise, as was true in this case.”

President Donald Trump maintains his stance that someone wiretapped his conversations in the days leading up to the election. Thus far there have been two parties with blame heaped upon them, with no apologies made to either of them. Until some proof is presented, an apology will not come forth.

Donald Trump reflects
President Donald Trump has yet to apologize for his accusations of being wiretapped, leaving some on the fence regarding their stance. [Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

Things are as murky today as they were a couple of weeks ago. There are no clear answers in sight as far as some form of proof is concerned. Much has been made about the Fox News analyst whom President Donald Trump credited for his claims of being wiretapped.

Some people believe that Mr. Trump’s lines were tampered with, while others feel that his beliefs are farcical. There is even a section of people who sense that the bold claim comes across as a temporary distraction from bigger, more pressing issues.

Where we are, as a nation, is still divided and broken, a fact that will remain until some credible proof is brought forward backing President Donald Trump’s claims or dismissing them. With a viable risk of coming across as the United States president who cried wolf looming large, Donald Trump’s consistency should not be overlooked. But also Mr. Trump’s allegations should not take precedent over the United States’ biggest problem — that we are not a united front.

[Featured Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]