The Popularity Of The Denver Zoo Was Seen In A Recent ‘Saturday Night Live’ Skit [Opinion]

A skit on Saturday Night Live about the Denver Zoo was a huge success that drew many ratings. The comedic piece on Saturday Night Live was completely fictional, and it was also hilarious. Scarlet Johansson, who played the role of a reporter for Good Day Denver, spoke to Danny Bangs, an animal photographer. Unfortunately, the show Good Day Denver made a mistake and labeled Bangs as an animal pornographer rather than as an animal photographer. You can see how clever the use of words was in this parody as pornographer rhymes with photographer. The skit was satirical as some news stations do make errors sometimes. There are also some animal stories on the real news that are exaggerated, so this was definitely a creative parody.

The Denver Zoo responded humorously to the Saturday Night Live skit on Twitter, stating that Banny Bangs is not an employee of the Denver Zoo, and they included a smiling emoji with their comments. Obviously, the Denver Zoo was not upset about this Saturday Night Live spoof, as it shows how popular the Denver Zoo really is in the public eye. In fact, the public enjoys the Denver Zoo so much that 1.6 million people visit the zoo each year.

Raja, the Komodo Dragon, licks his keeper's arm at the London Zoo on October 16, 2008. [Image by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images]

Any person, organization, or business that is included on Saturday Night Live is already well known. Whether those skits are positive or negative, you are already powerful, rich, or famous if they make fun of you on Saturday Night Live. President Donald Trump is often the subject of many jokes on Saturday Night Live, but if he was just an average guy, would there even be a parody about him?

It is no wonder why the Denver Zoo was part of Saturday Night Lives’ skit; it has better exhibits than many zoos in America. The tradition of having so high standards at the Denver Zoo began with Mayor Rober W. Speer. In 1906, Mayor Speer decided that the Denver Zoo should not use cages to house its animals and instead put its animals in a natural habitat, adding beauty to the zoo and, at the same time, improving the quality of life for the animals.

One of the first zoos that did not include cages in its exhibits was the Denver Zoo. The first exhibit that did not use cages at the Denver Zoo was Bear Mountain, a fascinating exhibit that first opened its doors to the public in 1918 and was also one of the first naturalistic exhibits in North America. Today, Bear Mountain, which is a historic exhibit that is included in the National Register of Historic Places, is home to Asian black bears and grizzly bears.

The story about Denver Zoo’s beginnings is quite charming. Denver’s Mayor Robert Speer received an orphaned black bear named Billy Bryan as a gift after the Democratic presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan. When Mayor Speer realized that keeping the black bear cub as a pet was too difficult, he gave Billy, the black bear cub, to Alexander J. Graham, who was the keeper of City Park. In 1896, Graham started the Denver Zoo with Billy the black bear cub, and many other animals followed in exhibits that continued to grow. Today, the Denver Zoo has more than 3,500 animals representing more than 600 species.

Visitors who go the Denver Zoo will surely find their favorite animals at the exhibits. Some of the attractions at the Denver Zoo are Bear Mountain, Primate Panorama, Monkey Island, Giraffe House, Bird World, and Tropical Discovery, among many other exciting exhibits.

If you like exotic critters that are seldom found at other zoos, you will be able to see several species of snakes at the Denver Zoo among many others. Another creature that you will see is the Komodo dragon since the Denver Zoo has the largest exhibits of Komodo dragons in the United States.

As a top-notch zoo, the Denver Zoo keeps adding new exhibits. One of newest attractions at the zoo in 2017 is The Edge, which includes the rich scenery of Russia’s pine forests and Siberian tigers.

One of the missions of the Denver Zoo is not only to entertain the public with their animal exhibits but also to educate visitors about animal conservation. The Denver Zoo works with conservationists in Peru to save the endangered Titicaca Frog.

Whether a zoo is included in a skit like the Denver Zoo was on Saturday Night Live, all zoos need our support even if they are not that popular, In a world where more of our animals are becoming endangered and in some cases even extinct, all zoos are working really hard to conserve all of those exotic animals so that they remain for many generations to come.

[Featured Image by Michael Smith/Getty Images]