Did Roman Reigns Send WWE Fan Into Crying Jag Or Was It Just Gas? [Opinion]

WWE fans can’t blame everything on Roman Reigns, but from the looks of things today, there is no lack of trying. While Reigns is showered in boos when he nears the ring, there are still some out there who cheer the Big Dog’s entrance. This WWE wrestler has the fans more polarized than any other wrestler today, leaving him in a bit of a gray area between the good and the bad.

When it comes to the love-hate saga of Reigns, Give Me Sports wrote that “Roman Reigns is arguably the most polarized superstar in WWE right now.” This website also reported that despite the boos, there are still a large number of fans from the younger generation who love Reigns. With that said, it seems the Big Dog recently stumbled upon one very young fan who wasn’t in a love frame of mind for the wrestler.

While many in the younger generation are infatuated with Reigns, it is the older generation who are fed up with Reigns getting the “mega push” from the WWE. Die-hard wrestling fans want to see a wrestler earn their spots in events by climbing the WWE ladder inside the ring. That didn’t always happen with Reigns.

Roman Reigns recently caught sight of a Twitter video in which a very young fan wasn’t feeling that love that the younger generation is said to have today. You can see how one of the youngest WWE fans appears to have an adverse reaction to Reigns, or at least that is what the woman in the video suggests, which is seen below.

Reigns tweeted his reaction to the video and he is seemingly proud of making his fans “emote” at any age. Still he had some very nice words to say about the baby in his tweet, which is seen below.

The baby started to cry when Reigns emerged on TV and you can hear the woman in the background seemingly trying to soothe the baby by saying she hates Roman Reigns too. While Reigns’ deep and somewhat foreboding voice could have scared this baby, there could have been a boat-load of other reasons for the baby to break into a crying jag.

Parents know how a baby can change their mood on a dime, all it takes is some gas bubbling up and the tears start to flow. An urgent diaper change can also bring on the tears, as a child that age cries often for many different things. The baby is the nephew of the person who tweeted the video. In the message they stated that the baby is “not a big Roman Reigns fan.”

The latest buzz surrounding Reigns is that the folks at the WWE are grooming him to be the next John Cena. According to Sportskeeda, the latest rumor is that Reigns will be the “face of the promotion,” which is how the WWE is planning on “building” the Big Dog.

Sportskeeda also reported that the WWE plans to promote Reigns more than they have already and then they throw in – “you can believe that!” It sounds as if they may have these plans for Reigns on good authority. Another bit of news that they offer is that the WWE has Reign’s future penciled in all the way through to WrestleMania 34, which is a long way away considering WrestleMania 33 hasn’t arrived yet.

The plan calls for Reigns to win at the two WrestleMania events, 33 and 34. The first being The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33 and the second being Lesnar at the 34th event next year. This will put Reigns as “the face of the company.” They are doing this in order for Reigns to replace John Cena, according to Sportskeeda.

That is a year full of speculation for Reigns and as the WWE fans know a lot can happen in a day, never mind a year away for the Big Dog. As far as WrestleMania 34 and fighting Lesnar, that is a full year away and a lot can happen with Lesner in that time frame. Right now it sounds like a lot of wishful thinking, especially when it comes to those booing fans turning around.

[Featured Image by Paul A. Hebert/AP Images]