Samsung Galaxy X: 3 Reasons It Will Be Unveiled In 2017, 2 Reasons It Won’t [Opinion]

Back in October of 2011, Samsung effectively changed the smartphone game by releasing the first Galaxy Note device, a massive (at least for its time) smartphone with a stylus that practically goes against everything that its rival, the iPhone 4S, stood for. While unconventional, the original Galaxy Note ended up ushering in the era of phablets. Now, it appears that Samsung is preparing to do something very similar, as rumors are high that the Galaxy X, the world’s first foldable smartphone, is set for release soon.

Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy X have been trickling down in the rumor mill for some time now. Over the last few months, speculations about the future device have continued to emerge, painting a picture of a smartphone that could once more change the mobile industry. Recently, however, doubts have been raised if Samsung could release the Galaxy X sometime this year, as expected from rumors about the device. Here then, are three reasons the upcoming smartphone will make it this year, and two reasons it won’t.

It’s High Time For A Foldable Smartphone

Samsung had teased the public about the idea of a foldable smartphone since 2013 when the South Korean tech giant released a concept advertisement featuring a Galaxy device that could fold and transform from a smartphone to a tablet. While the idea interested many, Samsung has not released a similar device until today. With rumors stating that that Microsoft might be preparing to release a foldable Surface Phone, Samsung definitely needs to put the pedal to the metal with regards to the development and release of the Galaxy X, especially if it wants to be a trailblazer in the market for foldable mobile devices.

The Technology Is Already Here

One thing that is definitely encouraging with regards to the Galaxy X is the fact that the technology Samsung needs to develop and release the device is already here. Foldable OLED screens have been around for some time, and recent innovations such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC could effectively make the Galaxy X into a powerful smartphone despite its mostly experimental, untested design. Considering that Samsung has all it needs to release the game-changing device, it appears that the time is nigh for the South Korean tech giant to finally pull the wraps off the Galaxy X.

Patents/Rumors About The Device Are Solid

Though Samsung itself has not officially confirmed the existence of the device and its speculated specs, the leaks of patents and rumors emerging about the device have been very consistent and robust as of date. Thus, while the smartphone remains pretty much as a rumor, the signs appear to be pointing to an eventual release of a foldable Samsung Galaxy X.

Inasmuch as the idea of a game-changing smartphone is a compelling thought, however, recent rumors have stated that the Galaxy X might not see a debut this year, according to a report from The Investor. Here are two reasons why the Galaxy X might not see a 2017 release date, after all.

It’s Tough To Mass-Produce

The report from the Investor stated that the while the technology for the upcoming smartphone is already available, mass-producing the foldable OLED displays are an entirely different matter. Quoting an anonymous source, the report stated that Samsung might have problems releasing the Galaxy X this year because of production constraints.

“Samsung Display has conducted a range of projects for rollable and foldable displays at its lab since 2005. After almost a decade since the company first succeeded in folding a functioning display in 2008, the foldable display has not been commercialized yet, which means there are still many technical trade-offs to make and difficulties to overcome.”

Included in these challenges is the durability and flexibility of the device itself. After all, a smartphone with a foldable OLED display would be an entirely different concept, and thus, it would most likely present new challenges with regards to its design and structural integrity. Apart from this, Samsung also has to make sure that the Galaxy X is a real flexible device, unlike LG’s Flex series, which simply feature a curved screen.

Samsung Might Release It In 2018 Instead

With these reasons in mind, a PC Authority report stated that it might be a lot more logical for Samsung to release the device next year instead. Considering the possible production problems for the device, as well as Samsung’s intense focus on the upcoming Galaxy Note 8, there is a pretty good chance that the South Korean tech giant would release the Galaxy X early 2018, possibly around the same time as the unveiling of the Galaxy S9.

With regards to the Galaxy X, there is a good chance that Samsung is biding its time for an excellent reason. That is, it could simply be ensuring that its next game-changing device would be a surefire hit that is absent of any flaws.

[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]