Michelle Obama Stuck In Rut, Finding It Harder To Unplug Than Barack? [Opinion]

Michelle Obama walked out of the White House on the arm of her husband, Barack Obama, back in January, but Michelle doesn’t appear to be easing back into a normal life as easily as her husband. The Obama family topped off their freedom from presidential life with a brief vacation, but since returning to their new home in Washington, D.C., Michelle has hit the ground running.

Last night, Barack Obama was spotted in Hawaii having dinner in what is being called a “surprise visit” to the state. It was Monday night when Barack Obama was spotted at one of his “regular restaurants” in an unannounced visit to the island state. This visit was so unexpected that his itinerary is unknown.

Michelle Obama, on the other hand, is busy fulfilling a vow she made when exiting her post as the first lady.

According to Raw Story, “Michelle Obama promised her supporters she would remain involved in the national conversation and an active member of society following her husband’s departure from the Oval Office.”

From all the reports today, Michelle has been busy doing just what she promised.

The former first lady has been very busy attending lunches, speaking at D.C. schools, and writing school recommendations for young women. Michelle Obama is even getting her Secret Service squad to join her in a quick workout in SoulCycle class.

Michelle Obama made headline news last week for her power lunch with U2’s frontman, Bono. Her husband joined her and Bono for lunch, and the event took off like a wildfire across social media sites.

It wasn’t the discussion at lunch that got folks buzzing, because no one was privy to what that lunch was all about. It was the outfits worn by the Obamas that made the headlines. They looked like they just walked off a magazine cover in their power-lunch attire. While Michelle can’t seem to ease out of all those tasks that come along with being a first lady, Barack, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be having any problems at all.

According to Raw Story, the only thing the former president has used his press office for since his White House departure is to “refute President Donald Trump’s Twitter accusation of wiretapping his offices in Trump Towers and several other incidences.”

Barack and Michelle Obama did something out of the ordinary when Barack’s term in office ended. They stayed in Washington, D.C., instead of packing up and going home. Most of the other former presidents headed back to the place they called home before they became the leader of the nation. Not the Obama family — they rented a mansion in the upscale Kalorama neighborhood, just a stone’s throw from the White House.

When it was first revealed that Michelle and Barack Obama decided to make D.C. their home for a while longer, all sorts of assumed reasons for their decision floated across the social media sites. Some believed that Obama helped create a shadow government, where he and his political associates would essentially watch over every move Trump made while in the Oval Office that Obama had just vacated.

Talk about Obama’s shadow government started a while back, as an article from Breitbart News describes from last month. There’s a belief that former Obama “holdovers” are leaking information in the hopes of derailing Trump. Some believe that Obama is “actively involved” in this “shadow government” as it’s been dubbed.

Obama’s camp explains his continued presence in Washington, D.C., was for his daughter to finish out her schooling, but others believe there is much more to it than this. His new Washington residence is seen as a “command center” for his “continuing involvement with activist organizations,” according to Breitbart News.

From the reports today, while Michelle continues on with her FLOTUS work, the former president is in Hawaii. It looks like Michelle is the Obama having the hardest time letting this work go.

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