Corey Brooks Has Been A Very Bad Boy, Why The ‘BB18’ Fans Hate Him [Opinion]

Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel met last summer on Big Brother 18. Ever since the reality TV show ended, they’ve been together. On March 5, Nicole unfollowed Corey on social media. She could no longer put up with his alleged mistreatment and decided to cut ties with him.

What exactly led to their break-up isn’t known right now. What the Big Brother 18 fans know is that no one is entirely sure if Nicole and Corey officially dated as there was never a confirmation of their relationship status. When they were in the Big Brother house, they both voiced concerns that their relationship may not work because long-distance relationships are extremely difficult.

Nicole visited Corey in Dallas over New Years. Something happened while she was there because after she had returned home, they stopped all communication. No one knows except Brooks and Franzel what happened between them.

On March 5, Brooks posted a picture on Twitter with Tomi Lahren, the conservative political commentator. Big Brother 18 fans believe that he posted the picture to infuriate Nicole. She reacted by unfollowing him on social media. It led to rumors, gossip, and speculation about what happened between them.

According to NiCorey Blog, Nicole couldn’t handle the disrespect from Corey, and that’s what led to their separation. She wanted to make things work, but not at the expensive of allowing Corey to disrespect her on social media.

The general census is Corey hid who he really was because he knew that Franzel wouldn’t have wanted a relationship with him. A person can only hide their true color so long before it eventually comes out one way or another.

Nicole wanted to believe her relationship with Corey was different than with Hayden Voss on Big Brother 16. In many ways, it was. Hayden was respectful and adored Nicole— it just didn’t work out and they parted as friends. Corey disrespected Nicole over and over. It started in the Big Brother 18 house over the summer and got progressively worse.

NiCorey Blog wrote, “He lied and manipulated people. He put out false images of what he is.”

“He tried to market a brand that does not exist. It’s like going to buy a car…you want a Mercedes; you test drive it, you love it, so you sign the papers. Then the salesman drives around a YUGO. Here you go! Your NEW car! Except that’s not what you wanted or thought you were getting. The same is true for this guy! The ole bait and switch! “

In many ways, Nicole’s followers feel this way about Corey. He made many promises, but didn’t follow through. And what’s worse, he showed the BB18 fans who he really is —a mean, cold-hearted, promiscuous man-child.

Nicole deserves better than Corey. She deserves to loved, cherished, and adored. She doesn’t deserve to be bullied, belittled, humiliated, or feel ashamed.

Another fact that was hard to uncover was he had been involved with multiple women since his relationship fell apart with Nicole. In fact, Big Brother fans believe that he was cheating on Nicole the whole time they were allegedly dating.

Corey’s followers have been busy trying to do damage control and discredit Nicole, and her dedicated fans. They stooped to creating fake handles on Twitter to troll and humiliate Nicole’s fans. When they were caught, they tried to talk their way out it. It didn’t work —Nicole’s followers saw right through their games.

Showing Corey how the real D-Town gets down ???? #hockeytown #atthejoe

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There’s no other way to describe this other than a complete Big Brother mess. The fans are divided. On one side is Nicole and many BB18 followers sympathize with her because Corey’s disrespect is quite evident. On the other hand, many stated that if Nicole had moved closer to him, none of this would have happened.

Big Brother 18 fans, what do you think about the fallout after NiCorey’s breakup?

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