Trump California Golf Course Reportedly Vandalized By Environmental Activists [Opinion]

A Trump golf course, the Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, has reportedly been vandalized by environmental activists. The alleged vandals were apparently trying to send Trump, famously a global warming denier, a message about man-made climate change. One of the activists even posted a video to social media showing the Trump golf course being vandalized by group of five unidentified people.

Appearing to be “armed” with rakes, the Trump golf course vandals hit the green after dark, and they managed to do what appeared to be a significant amount of damage to the pricey property as they carved the message “NO MORE TIGERS, NO MORE WOODS” into the grass.

As ABC 7 reports, a call related to the allegedly vandalized Trump golf course was made to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department on Sunday morning, just before 9:00 a.m. However, that call was inexplicably canceled before officers arrived at the course to investigate the report that it had been vandalized. According to that call, the damage was done near hole No. 5 of the premiere Trump golf course.

Check out the footage of the alleged crime as it took place overnight Saturday.

As The Washington Post reports, a group of environmental activists has taken responsibility for the Trump golf course being vandalized. The nameless group calls itself an “anonymous environmental activist collective,” and say that they hit the expensive and exclusive Trump property (ranked the 43rd best course in California and set among the cliffs just south of Los Angeles) because of Donald Trump’s “blatant disregard” for the environment.

“In response to the president’s recent decision to gut our existing protection policies, direct action was conceived and executed on the green of his California golf course in the form of a simple message: NO MORE TIGERS. NO MORE WOODS.”

As The Guardian reports, Donald Trump (who has spent a good deal of time as POTUS on the golf course), has vowed to abolish the EPA as president.

“President Trump said during the campaign that he would like to abolish the EPA or ‘leave a little bit’. It is a goal he has and sometimes it takes a long time to achieve goals. You can’t abolish the EPA by waving a magic wand.”

The group of environmental activists’ alleged vandalism of the California Trump golf course was no small feat and required considerable effort to get their message across. The letters are fully six feet high; despite the degree of difficulty, a member of the group who anonymously spoke to The Washington Post said that the activists were able to have the Trump golf course vandalized to their satisfaction in just about an hour.

Reportedly, they used only common garden tools to get the job done.

It remains unclear if the public would have known about the act of environmental activism-turned-vandalism if the anonymous group hadn’t tattled on themselves via social media and statements to the mainstream press. Neither Donald Trump, the Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes nor Trump Organization’s New York reported the fact that the course had been vandalized to the media.

Nor have they responded to repeated media requests to comment on the situation.

In fact, it’s entirely possible that the Trump Organization wanted to keep the vandalized golf course under wraps and off the radar. The call placed to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was both made and canceled by Trump National before an officer could respond and investigate the situation.

Because the call made by Trump National about the vandalized golf course was canceled before the department could access the golf course and investigate the alleged damage, no investigation into the situation is currently ongoing. According to the LASD, they have seen the video released by the environmental activists, but are not treating the allegedly vandalized Trump golf course as a crime.

In a statement related to the vandalized golf course and the message that the environmental activists were trying to send by way of their actions, the group referred to Trump as King Puppet and called out both his environmental and immigration policies.

“If our King Puppet really wants to ease the strain of immigration, why not make this world more livable for our neighbors, reduce the imperative need for any person to have to bundle their lives into a bag and flee their homes under duress.”

While the group of activists has opted to keep their identities hidden, several have spoken to press organizations on the condition of anonymity. One, who spoke with Eyewitness News claims that the group was targeting Trump’s “aggressive gutting” of policies when they vandalized the golf course.

“It’s a protest piece against Trump’s administration’s handling of our environmental policies. He’s been very aggressive in gutting a lot of the policies that we’ve had in place for a very long time. We felt it necessary to stand up and go take action against him.”

That same activist told the media that hole No. 5 was vandalized due to it being the “most picturesque.”

According to the Trump golf course’s website, it is “the most expensive golf course ever built, over $250 million dollars has been spent to ensure its prominence.”

Many have taken to social media to share their thoughts about the Trump golf course vandalism, with some saying that it was appropriate activism and others demanding that the vandals be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. What do you think about the situation? Should Trump and his organization downplay the situation to avoid copycat crimes, or should those who vandalized the Trump golf course be made to pay?

[Featured Image by Damian Dovarganes/AP Images]