Hillary’s Missing Emails: A Taste Plus Benghazi [Opinion]

After WikiLeaks revealed the first of the Podesta Emails and Russia was blamed, Donald Trump created controversy when he asked for Russia to hack Hillary’s missing emails that she supposedly deleted. 30,000 emails from her account, hrod17@clintonemail.com, though at least one from Sidney Blumenthal claims a forwarded email came from hrod17@clintonernail.com, which ultimately needs some explanation, never appeared during the election cycle. That could suggest a second server or a faked document, or it could be something trivial. However, WikiLeaks has recently obtained and released these missing emails. You can search them yourself here.

I have only had a limited time to poke through her private emails, a couple hours, but there were some things that popped up in my search that may be noteworthy, though I haven’t found any devastating to her. I did find one devastating to Obama and the CIA. Like the Podesta e-mails, most of what we find is forwarded news stories with little meaningful comment. Yet, here are some things that appeared in the precursory search.

Post-Putin Russia

On February 18, 2012, we find an email, presumably from Alice Wells, who served as Special Assistant to the President for Russia and Central Asia in the White House from 2012 – 2013, in which Hillary congratulates Alice and gives a bit of a startling reason why.

“I’m so pleased about your next exciting move. And, you’re right, we need you at the White House to help plan and execute our Russian strategy post-Putin. We will all miss you in S-land, but are relieved you will not be too far away.”

This is right before a Presidential election took place in which Putin officially swept the vote with 63.6 percent of the votes on March 4, 2012, and the protests Putin blamed on U.S. interference were on March 11 of that year. Why was Hillary so certain that Putin would not be in power? What strategy did the U.S. have after Putin lost to apparently literally anyone?

Vladimir Putin speaking at a public meeting in South Korea

The Bohemian Grove

Sidney Blumenthal sent an email to Hillary on September 20, 2009, ranting about Chinese currency and mentioning he had lunch with Philip Bobbitt, who in turn recently had lunch with Colon Powell and Henry Kissinger at the “Bohemian Grove.” I don’t think this grove is of any real importance, but it certainly stands out. It’s not only because Blumenthal speaks of it so matter of factly, but because the damn grove is the cornerstone of Alex Jones’ conspiracy theories. I’ve been subjected to his ridiculous videos where he talks about the grove as a satanic worshiping place for the elites in America, even breaking in and being chased out. Just the fact that this is in there means Jones will have a field day if he finds out.

Sidney Blumenthal

Sidney Blumenthal, himself is a bit of an issue. Hillary Clinton was told she could not hire him at the State Department as an advisor, and so the Clinton Foundation hired him at a rate of $120k a year to do the job that Hillary could not hire him for, according to Politico. It’s criminal misuse of the charity’s funds for sure, but that isn’t what was revealed in these emails. Rather, we see the rapid occurrence of Sidney’s emails to Hillary as well as his active work to undermine then-President Obama.

A Washington Post article, in the wake of Clinton claiming that nothing in her e-mail was marked classified, made it clear that any communications about foreign nations should be considered classified and Clinton should have recognized that, claiming “all foreign government information should be presumed to cause damage if disclosed without authorization.”

In October 2012, he spent his Clinton Foundation time apparently critiquing the debates. He had critiques he was apparently giving to Democratic operatives on charity time. He was also gossiping about possible secret meetings between Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak and the White House. The following January, he was sending French intelligence reports directly to her on a hostage crisis. Oh, and there was a follow-up. Then we have some on Libya, and then more Libya with a reminder to drink eight glasses of water.

Sidney Blumenthal walking down a hallway as if in a stock photo

Thank Sidney Blumenthal for the Benghazi e-mail

Something I didn’t search for specifically – I felt that Benghazi was blown out of proportion and was hardly the dirt on Hillary. However, Sidney Blumenthal did write an e-mail about Benghazi on November 13, 2012. He claimed that the CIA used the embassy to covertly arm the Syrian rebels – without the President’s knowledge – but yet it was covered up to protect the President. I will highlight Blumenthal’s sensationalist analysis here.

“John Brennan, without a presidential finding, at the behest of the Saudis, created a covert CIA operation at the Benghazi consulate to run arms secretly to the Syrian rebels. And the administration covered it up to protect Obama in the election. In other words, a projection of Iran-contra and Watergate rolled into one. (emphasis added).”

This isn’t necessarily damaging to Hillary – I didn’t pay attention to any of her Benghazi hearings, and it’s possible she lied at some point after this e-mail about what she knew, but she didn’t authorize the arms running, CIA director John Brennan did. I’m sure someone else who is more versed with the Benghazi spectacle can run with that story.

Further Research

I wanted to know about any U.S. plots on Putin that might explain the current Russian scare that establishment Democrats are driving and about possible ties to the Clinton Foundation. Other than Sidney Blumenthal clearly not working toward the purposes of the Clinton Foundation, I have not found anything yet. This is what I do on weekends, it isn’t my nine to five job, so I wasn’t able to dig into this fully yet.

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