Study Finds Hillary Clinton Lost Presidential Election For Very Simple Reason [Opinion]

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton may have won a popular vote count among Americans voting for president, but she lost the election, and now a new study shows the very simple reason why she did. Hillary Clinton might have been the wife of a former President of the United States in Bill Clinton, but a lot of things happened on her way to the White House. Some believe she relied too heavily on her possibilities, as she would be the first woman to hold the office.

Others believed she did not advertise enough on the issues, but rather bashed eventual winner Donald Trump more than anything else. This was something his fellow Republicans already did in the primaries, so it was always going to be an issue to say things that no one else pointed out before. It seems that the evidence in a recent study by Wesleyan Media Project agreed more with the latter.

They found that ineffective advertising, including messages the study claims were “devoid of policy discussions,” are likely the reasons she lost the 2016 Presidential race to Trump. This makes a lot of sense, and it very well could be the reason why she did not get enough electoral votes to win major heartland states as well as Democratic hub Pennsylvania.

The Wesleyan Media Project study concluded, “Clinton’s unexpected losses came in states in which she failed to air ads until the last week.”

Hillary Clinton walking

Key losses for her were in mostly Democratic states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Those are three of the states that graphs of TV advertisements spiked late in the Clinton campaign. They were more pronounced than those in favor of Trump of course in that period. These places may have assumed that Clinton did not care about them, and creating advertisements late in a campaign to be used a lot in the last week is not a good way to get people on your side.

What is so interesting is that the late advertisements may have only been a small problem in comparison to the major issue. The study also found that “Clinton’s message was devoid of policy discussions in a way not seen in the previous four presidential contests.”

It seemed that Hillary Clinton simply did not run a campaign that spoke on things the American people could really feel close to. Trump spoke, if nothing else, of healthcare costs among other policies ideas. While some of the ideas were a bit different, such as his wall and issues with minorities. Clinton did not make people feel as much for her. Really, the bulk of the campaign was about the possibility of a woman become president and the bad areas of Trump.

There was not nearly enough talk from Hillary Clinton on her policies and how she would better healthcare, a problem Americans from both sides were having trouble with. High premiums were issues that Americans hated seeing, and Clinton really did not talk enough on this key issue and especially did not advertise her policies on this enough. The team behind the study decided to look into various elections of the last number of years.

Clinton Kerry

In this, they analyzed the contents of several advertisements during the presidential races dating back to the year 2000 and compared Clinton to her fellow Republican and Democratic candidates. The study found that Clinton spent the most time on personal issues and less on policy compared to the people of those periods.

The study pointed out how the 2016 presidential election was by no means a common election year. Obviously, Donald Trump was like few other candidates before him, especially the last few decades. It was odd seeing him in the election to begin with, and the fact that he got as far as the Republican nominee meant that he was going to be getting a lot of attention and have news media all over every word he said.

“The unusual nature of the presidential campaign with one unconventional candidate and the other using an unconventional message strategy, among other non-advertising related factors. Although the impact of advertising in 2016 on the outcome of the general election race was likely minimal, we urge caution in concluding that television advertising is no longer effective.”

It was estimated that Donald Trump was able to get billions of dollars worth of free advertisements during the primaries and presidential election cycle. This helped people all over the country learn about him and his policies. Hillary Clinton clearly did not need to point this out more in her campaign ads. Had she stuck to her own policies and made sure all of America saw her side of things, things may have been a bit different in this states she narrowly lost in.

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