Barack And Michelle Obama Set Internet On Fire In ‘Power Lunch’ Duds [Opinion]

No grass is growing under Barack and Michelle Obama’s feet in the aftermath of White House life. The two look totally different as they ease back into regular life sporting clothes with a few buttons left undone around the collar. The latest pictures of Michelle and Barack Obama put them as far away from a description of stuffy as one can get.

The Obama duo look like they have just stepped out of a magazine, as the social media users offer up in their descriptions online today. Even if you are not an Obama supporter, it is hard to find anything negative about the former president and first lady’s presentation while out for lunch at a posh NYC eatery.

That unbuttoned look does something for both Michelle and Barack Obama’s overall package. It is almost like they are not so buttoned up in their guard as well, making them look more approachable than ever before. Social media went crazy over the couple who were captured in pictures in New York City on Friday. They slipped into an upscale restaurant, Upland at Gramercy, to have lunch with none other than Bono, of U2 fame, reported AOL News. Bono is much more than a iconic singer in a band, his work with his charities world wide is credited for helping save millions of lives.

Some social media users saw the Obama couple looking as if they just walked off a magazine cover. With one very creative Twitter user making that happen, as seen in the tweet below. By the time that news got around that Barack and Michelle were lunching in this restaurant, there were plenty of people to greet them with applause and cheers as the exited the eatery.

Vogue critiqued the new look for the Obama duo saying, “Leaving the top two buttons of his crisp white oxford shirt open, the former president seemed to be easing back into public life with a more relaxed but still polished air.” The title of the Vogue article on the former president and first lady states, “Obamas Give Us a Lesson in Power Couple Dressing.”

While all eyes were on Michelle and Barack Obama, Bono slipped in as their luncheon guest. That was one power lunch for sure. Barack Obama was in a “perfectly tailored” black suit with his crisp white button-down-the-front shirt with the first two buttons undone.

Michelle Obama was sporting casual black pants with a high waist and a color block blouse, also with the top two buttons undone. She had on a dark gray trench coat and black stiletto heels. She was carrying a small black handbag. The Upland restaurant tweeted the picture below and stated how much fun it was to have Michelle and Barack Obama along with Bono dining with them.

If the former president and first lady’s attire indicates how their transition from the White House to public life is going, it would suggests it is going just fine. People commented online that Michelle and Barack Obama were “glowing.” AOL titled their article “Everybody’s going wild over Barack and Michelle Obama’s ‘power lunch’ outfits.”

Barack Obama was spotted earlier in the week sporting a brown leather jacket and looking every bit as if he walked off the pages of GQ as he did on Friday while out with Michelle having lunch with Bono. You can see another one of Obama’s new looks below.

While it is not known what the topic of conversation was over lunch between Michelle, Barack and Bono, the U2 frontman is a major global activist in the fight against poverty in Africa and AIDS. He is co-founder of ONE, which is a “global campaign dedicated to ending the extreme poverty.

Bono’s work with RED, a sister organization to ONE, raises public awareness of AIDS. RED also raises contributions from “iconic brands” for the AIDS crisis. His programs have helped save “tens of millions of lives over the past 10 years,” according to ONE.

[Featured Image by Charles Rex Arbogast/AP Images]