Should Fans Forget The Glastonbury Ticket Resale: Go To ‘Bearded Theory’ Instead? [Opinion]

Every autumn we see the annual scramble for tickets to Glastonbury festival. On October 9, 2016, tickets for the 250,000 capacity Glastonbury festival sold out in just 35 minutes. Of course, that is not the end of the road for Glastonbury fans. The official Glastonbury festival lineup will be released in the next couple of weeks. Shortly after that, fans who now find that they no longer wish to attend, can cancel their attendance and their Glastonbury tickets will be offered for resale on the official Glastonbury website. There will, of course, be a scramble for the Glastonbury ticket re-sale, but would fans be better advised to go elsewhere, for example to Bearded Theory Festival?

Let’s be realistic, Glastonbury offers a festival experience like no other. Glastonbury is a city that springs up from nowhere in the Somerset countryside. Glastonbury festival is vast. There is a bewildering array of stages, thousands of acts, and some of the most incredible street theatre you will ever see. Glastonbury is so vast that you need several lifetimes to explore all it has to offer. Therein lies the rub. Glastonbury has so much entertainment that there are always vast crowds crossing the site.

Bearded Theory Glastonbury

At busy times, it can easily take 90-minutes to walk across the Glastonbury site. Glastonbury never sleeps, there are huge crowds, 24-hours every day. If you bring a caravan or camping van to Glastonbury, it can be a four-mile walk to reach the gate. At Glastonbury, if you are camping outside the main site, you queue, sometimes for ages for security checks. When this is to enter the site, it is understandable. To be searched, have your wristband and ticket checked when you leave the site, it is beyond frustrating.

What Glastonbury festival has on its side is that it can put on the world’s biggest names. There isn’t a band alive that would turn down the opportunity to play on Glastonbury’s famous Pyramid Stage. According to the Sun, this year’s Glastonbury festival lineup has leaked. Apparently, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, and Ed Sheeran will headline the festival.

There isn’t a festival in the world that has more pulling power than Glastonbury. Most won’t even try to compete. Glastonbury festival has huge numbers of fans, many of whom are devastated if they fail to land a ticket, and yet it is my belief that many other UK music festivals offer a much better festival experience than Glastonbury.

Bearded Theory ‘Spring Gathering’ The UK’s Best Family Festival

You simply can’t compare Bearded Theory with Glastonbury. Bearded Theory is a truly family orientated festival, so much so that it was crowned as the UK’s “Best Family Festival” at the annual festival awards last November. You won’t see Ed Sheeran headlining Bearded Theory, and to be fair, Bearded Theory fans wouldn’t want him there. Instead you will see the best bands on the alternative and folk music scenes.

Bearded Theory Glastonbury

This year will see headline sets from Slaves, Skunk Anansie, Seasick Steve and Madness, but you can be assured that there is quality entertainment on offer right across all six stages. As eFestivals puts it, Bearded Theory is a festival goer’s festival. Everything about Bearded Theory just works. The setting, at Catton Hall, Derbyshire is just gorgeous, the vibe is relaxed, but it is the festival crowd, combined with the team’s attention to detail, that makes Bearded Theory special.

Bearded Theory even provides a school, staffed by fully qualified teachers, for the younger festival fan. There is a fun fair and a packed itinerary of activities for the kids, and it is almost all free. At Bearded Theory, you won’t be camped more than 10-minutes walk from the action, and the festivals “Woodland Stage” is the most beautiful on the UK festival scene.

For UK festival fans, three things make or break a festival experience. Weather, expense, and portable toilets. Bearded Theory can’t promise good weather, but if it is wet, there is plenty of undercover action to be had. Bearded Theory can get muddy, but until you experience the mud at Glastonbury, you have never seen mud.

Bearded Theory is great value for money. Four days of top class entertainment for less than half the cost of a ticket for Glastonbury. Add in the far more reasonable costs of food, drink, and merchandise at Bearded Theory and you begin to see why the festival makes economic sense too.

Bearded Theory Glastonbury

Toilets! Let’s be honest here, festival toilets are a nightmare. There are no good festival toilets, only less bad ones. To be fair both Glastonbury and Bearded Theory score well on the toilet front. Glastonbury’s move to composting toilets over the past couple of years was a stroke of genius. At Bearded Theory, there are lots of toilets, and they are cleaned regularly. They are certainly the best of those I have seen at mid-sized music festivals.

Bearded Theory is the best at what it does, just as Glastonbury is the best of the huge festivals. The main difference is that you can still buy tickets for Bearded Theory. UK festival fans could do worse than to avoid the Glastonbury Ticket resale and treat themselves to a visit to Bearded Theory.

[Featured Image by Alan Ewart/Inquisitr]