Case Made For Roman Reigns’ – WWE Limbo Status To Remain Unchanged At WrestleMania 33? [Opinion]

It sounds like WWE fans are going to have to endure Roman Reigns remaining in that gray area between heel and good guy for the foreseeable future. A new theory makes a very good case when suggesting why WrestleMania 33 is not the magic turn date for Reigns.

This latest prediction involving the WWE and Reigns leading up to the big event offers up a scenario that is somewhat based on the wrestling fans and Reigns himself, but it weighs heavily on the monetary needs of the WWE.

This prediction is coming from Conor Porter, a senior writer for GMS, a popular sports website. It is no secret that one of the most anticipated matches on the WrestleMania 33 card is Reigns vs. The Undertaker.

Porter suggests that there is a mindset out there among the fans that in order to make this match successful it will have to involve Reigns beating The Undertaker and turning heel. But Porter makes a case for Reigns walking away unchanged in status by taking a few different factors into consideration that haven’t gotten too much attention so far.

Reigns is the actual draw to this match, but it will be The Undertaker getting all the cheers. Those cheers aimed at The Undertaker are also meant as cheers going against Reigns. The WWE fans belting out the boos and singing the cheers share one thing in common, they want to see some movement with Reigns when it comes to status. Some want Reigns to be that good guy, but many are waiting for Reigns to finally be deemed a heel.

Another theory, which is very popular today, has Reigns cheating, beating The Undertaker and turning heel, according to This “full-blown” heel plan would give the WWE fans what they want, but what about the ramifications for the WWE with Reigns no longer in limbo and keeping the fans guessing?

According to GMS, the latest rumors regarding Reigns suggest that Vince McMahon, the head honcho at the WWE, has different ideas for Reigns. McMahon has taken Reigns in a different direction than most of the other wrestlers in the past. He’s done this by pushing him into many of the main events before doing the traditional steps on the WWE ladder to get there.

Many believe that this favoritism shown to Reigns by McMahon helped create the chorus of boos heard when Reigns even gets near the ring. Die-hard WWE fans want to see the wrestlers earn their spots by doing the work before being featured in an event. When you think about it, a lot of work went into getting Reigns in this gray spot, or limbo, but just one match could undo all that hard work. So the question is – will the WWE really take all this attention away from Reigns by turning him heel?

McMahon is rumored to be modeling Reigns after John Cena “where they don’t care that he is getting a lot of boos,” cites GMS. Much like Cena, Reigns gets a ton of attention and whether it is positive or negative, it is a lot of attention. That attention means that “they are doing something right with him.” GMS writes,

“Having Reigns beat The Undertaker cleanly at WrestleMania is bound to create a huge amount of heat for the superstar without a heel turn. As long as fans are creating this heat while he is a face, there is no need for them to turn him heel.”

The YouTube videos that capture Reigns in the ring are some of the most watched WWE videos, according to Forbes. This is happening without the Big Dog carrying the label of heel or good guy. One of the biggest reasons for keeping Reigns just the way he is might just have to do with money.

According to GMS, Roman Reigns’ merchandise sells big, his name offers “one of the biggest movers of merchandise in the WWE.” If the WWE were to turn Reigns heel, what would most likely take the hit is the sales of Reigns’ merchandise, as face superstars are bigger sellers than heels, according to GMS.

It looks like the bottom line for the WWE when it comes to Reigns is – if it’s not broken why fix it by attaching a label to the man who is a big draw without one?

[Featured Image by Todd Williamson/AP Images]