‘DOOL’ Spoilers: Will Claire’s Despicable Plan Cause Ciara Brady To Leave Salem? [Opinion]

Days of Our Lives spoilers for next week reveal that Ciara and Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) will get in a heated moment. Even though the two are friends, and cousins, they haven’t been getting along very well lately because of a boy. With Vivian Jovanni announcing a few months ago that she is no longer filming Days Of Our Lives, will Ciara Brady be how Jovanni exits? Also, Ciara makes a huge decision for Theo Carver (Kyler Pettis) and it just might be the last straw. Will her evil, desperate, and despicable plan be too much for Ciara?

Spoilers and theories are below. If you do not want to know what might happen on the long-running soap opera, then do not continue reading.

'DOOL' Spoilers: Vivian Jovanni's Exit - Does Claire Cause Ciara To Leave Salem?

Theo was always interested in Ciara Brady on Days Of Our Lives. However, she pushed him away multiple times. The last time was when she had a crush on Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn). During that storyline, she was working for him as a nanny and everyone thought Abigail (Marci Miller) died. Feeling bad for Theo, Claire Brady started spending more time with him. She was also angry at Ciara with how she was treating Theo. One day, she decided to make a move. It was only after Theo and Claire became a couple that Ciara realized she pushed him away one too many times.

As previously speculated by the Inquisitr, it was only a matter of time before jealousy and hurt feelings would affect Ciara and Claire’s friendship. Things between the two are going to get even more intense when Ciara reveals her true feelings about Theo Carver. In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, DOOL spoilers reveal that Ciara will tell Claire how she really feels about Theo. This will happen on Wednesday’s episode of Days Of Our Lives.

The conversation must not go well. A sneak peek photo in Soap Opera Digest shows Ciara and Claire standing face-to-face. Olivia Rose Keegan’s character is in Ciara’s face and is pointing a finger a little too close to her nose. Ciara is a tough cookie, like her mother, Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso). This might be a good time for her to slap Claire. Fans are getting a little fed up with her disrespectful attitude, especially when Ciara has not tried to interfere in the relationship.

As fans have seen on previous episodes of the NBC soap opera, Claire has a bit of the “frenemy” thing going on. She gets mean, but in that “friendly way” and has used snarky statements when threatened by Theo and Ciara’s friendship. The aspiring musician also seems to like rubbing it in her face that she is Theo’s girlfriend. However, Theo was always closest to Ciara and has been since childhood.

DOOL spoilers for next week also reveal that Claire will try to solidify her relationship with Theo and make Ciara feel even worse. She does this in the slimiest way possible. On Friday’s episode of Days Of Our Lives, Claire will decide she and Theo should have sex. Of course, she probably won’t ask him or get his opinion. Is he even ready to make such a huge step? As usual, Claire thinks she needs to make choices for him.

'DOOL' Spoilers: Vivian Jovanni's Exit - Does Claire Cause Ciara To Leave Salem?

While it is true that Theo has Asperger’s (the former term for high functioning autism), he is more than capable of making decisions for himself. It is not only disrespectful and rude to make this choice for him, but having sex is huge for anyone, whether they are on the autism spectrum or not. It should be a mutual choice, and both of them should feel ready.

The only reason Claire wants to push Theo to have sex is because of Ciara. It’s pretty low and with how pushy and selfish she is, Theo is likely to break up with her soon. Fans couldn’t help but notice last week when Claire snapped at Theo because he was stressing about a pop quiz. College isn’t important to her. Social media, taking selfies, and posting YouTube videos (even when three homicidal maniacs were terrorizing Salem) is what Claire cares about. She does not have real feelings for Theo, or she would have an interest in his life.

What do you think of these DOOL spoilers? Will Claire convince Theo to have sex? Since Vivian Jovanni quit Days Of Our Lives, will Ciara Brady leave Salem? Could Claire’s plan be too much, resulting in Ciara leaving town?

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