‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Shows Why She’s The Hero We Need, But Where Are The Black Amazons? [Opinion]

The new Wonder Woman trailer is here and it’s pretty epic. In the couple of minutes of fantastically edited preview footage, we get a deeper look at the wonder that is Themyscira, more Robin Wright, and a jaw-dropping display of superpowers. Oh yeah, there’s some humor too. The fact that this came so soon after International Women’s Day is just icing on the cake.

The new trailer is the first one that delves into Diana’s origin story. We see her first as a child and then as a young woman who is learning the depth of her power. Later, she happens upon Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine, and is convinced that she must fight alongside humans to bring about an end to World War 1.

Now that there’s a president of The United States who has been accused repeatedly of violating women and one who once boasted about p***y grabbing, it’s going to be so refreshing to see powerful women on screen kicking butt. Throw in the fact that only 27 percent of Trump appointees are women, according to an analysis by Bloomberg, and you can see how Wonder Woman becomes the movie women need right now in Trump’s America.

The one place that the promotional material and more than likely the casting for the Wonder Woman movie have fallen short is in the representation of ethnic diversity. In this recent trailer, you can see one woman who looks like she is non-white at around minute 2:28, but that’s where it begins and ends in terms of racial diversity in the trailer.

This is unfortunate because in the comic book source material, there are black Amazons, most notably Phillipus and Nubia. In fact, as Blavity notes, Themyscira or Paradise Island is supposed to be a place where multiple races of women exist and are treated fairly. These two particular Amazons are key figures in Diana’s upbringing.

The Black Amazons: Phillipus and Nubia

  • General Phillipus: As Comic Vine notes, General Phillipus is a close friend of Hippolyta’s, Diana’s mother. She is also the leader of the Amazon military and is tasked with training Diana to become a highly skilled warrior. When Hippolyta passes away, Phillipus becomes the Chancellor of Themyscira and rules while Diana is still in the U.S.
  • Nubia: In the DC comic book universe, Nubia is known as Diana’s “black sister.” She was created with black clay while Diana was made from white clay. Both sisters were born through the power of Aphrodite, Comic Vine notes, but Nubia was kidnapped by Mars, the god of war. Later Diana and Nubia reunite, and Diana frees Nubia from Mars’ control. Nubia then chooses to lead her armies to promote peace.

Perhaps they are saving the full reveal of Diana and/or Nubia for the actual film. That may have been Phillipus that Diana was fighting at minute 2:29 of this new trailer.

Still from Wonder Woman trailer
Screenshot from the new Wonder Woman trailer. Is this Phillipus? [Photo by DC Entertainment/Youtube]

If you freeze the frame at that moment, the armor definitely looks like it could have been Phillipus’. If that’s the case, it would have been nice to see her highlighted more in the trailer given their prominence in the source material.

Wonder Woman stars Gal Godot as Wonder Woman, Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, and Robin Wright as General Antiope. The film is directed by Patty Jenkins.

Wonder Woman, the fourth installment of the DC Extended Universe, is expected to be released in June 2017.


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